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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of March 15, 2012

Happy New Year! This will be the first official meeting of the new term of the Board of Selectmen. Unless something goes awry, the board will look pretty much the same as the previous term!

I get the pleasure of calling the meeting to order and the first order of business will be to select the chair. After that, the chair will run the meeting.

Minutes The minutes from March 1, 2012 are in your packet and posted on line for your review. As always, written changes are most appreciated.

Expenditure Warrant 18 The school warrant is on here, that's why it's so big this time. Your 2nd half paychecks are also on the warrant (they're at the town office when you pick up your printed packets, or I'll bring them to town meeting you're choice!) There will probably be a sizable bill from Quill on here. The Fire department is purchasing a projector in its training budget (and it's here already, I'll likely use it for town meeting). The price was very reasonable as projectors are expensive, but we got this for less than $500 and it works slick!

Cash & Budget Report - The budget report is still looking very good so far for the fiscal year. I think the assessors might have a legal bill on the Old Point case. I've not received the bill yet, and I think the case goes before the Property Tax Review Board on the 8th .

Investment Management Report The written report will be scanned and posted electronically when it's available. The First Advisors requested a cash flow projection, which I prepared and it's likely that most of the investment money will remain liquid through the end of the fiscal year to meet our cash needs.

Policies There are three policies you approve annually. The disbursement policy outlines when the bills may be paid. No changes are proposed. The Rules of Procedure govern how the board operates, and no changes are proposed to that. Finally, you set the fee schedule annually, and no changes are proposed to those. This will not include the ordinance fees, as those are set in a separate process.

Board of Appeals Appointment I've asked Jon VanAmringe if he's interested in filling the full Appeals Board slot, as he's currently an alternate member. If so, I would highly recommend his appointment and advertising for at least one alternate member.

Boiler Meeting Skip would still like to discuss this with you. I told him the Board's expectation was that this would be put to bid.

Public Hearing Date RSU 24 Withdrawal With a vote set for June 12, 2012, the latest you could have a public hearing would be June 1 (Friday). I would recommend that this be held outside of a Selectmen's meeting, maybe on Tuesday, May 29 th at the school (Monday is a holiday!).

Lamoine Quarterly I won't get started on the Quarterly until after this meeting as all the town meeting information will be fresh, and we'll have a lot of information for the RSU vote. I suspect we could hold off publication until April 5th if that's OK with you.

Town Meeting Review We can discuss anything that pops up at the annual town meeting that needs immediate attention. I'm still anticipating a swift and non-controversial meeting. I've been wrong before!

Next Meetings The normal schedule would have you skip the 29th and meet the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month in April (per the procedural rules). If you think you need a meeting on the 29th , that's fine too!

There are no matters for executive session at this time, though there may be just a minor personnel matter for informational purposes only by meeting night.

Have a great week I will be out of the office on March 8th to teach tax lien class and to celebrate my wife's 29th birthday (again).