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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 5, 2012

March has proved to be a very trying month for our town with a homicide and a major fire. People's lives have been badly affected, and there has been some impact on town government, but I'm pleased to report that the resources are in place that allow for appropriate responses. On a personal level, these incidents left me exhausted to the point that I took a couple of afternoons off last week as a head cold hit me pretty hard.

The extra week between Selectmen's meetings has been a blessing, and while the agenda looks pretty long, I'm not sure that any of the matters is all that time consuming at this point.

Minutes Please look over the minutes from last meeting. I think this board does an outstanding job to make sure they are accurate and thorough and the written changes are a tremendous help.

Warrant 19 No school expenditure on this warrant, so it will be relatively small. There will be two payrolls on this warrant because of the extra week between meetings. Mileage will include an appeals board appointee who attended a class in Belfast and a firefighter who drove to Augusta this week to replenish our department with foam.

Cash & Budget Report You will likely note that our General Assistance expenses have now exceeded the budget, and excise continues to lag behind.

Checking Account Reconciliation I should be able to reconcile the checking account on April 2nd (time permitting). This will be e-mailed to you prior to the meeting for review.

Quarterly Excise Tax Report That report will be updated on April 2nd following the end of the quarter and posted on line and e-mailed to you as well.

Municipal Quitclaim Deed Presuming timely payment is received, the papers are ready for signature so the deed and declaration of value can be signed.

Credit Card Acceptance Rapid Renewal Currently the on-line program accepts on electronic checks. The program is prepared to accept credit cards under the same terms that we have here at the town office (2.5% added to the transaction). There is no charge to the town. I recommend that we offer this option.

MDOT Two Year Program This proposal was e-mailed last week. It requires the Board Chair's signature. Any further input prior to the meeting is most appreciated.

Sweeping Bid Though it was spitting snow as I started writing this, I'm optimistic we can sweep the roads in April. A bid sheet is based on the same one that we've used for years with some success and with your approval will be posted and mailed with bids due by April 19th .

RSU 24 Withdrawal Vote Going on the best information I could get from Gordon Donaldson, a dollar figure has been inserted into the mandated article wording, and public hearing notices. That potentially could change prior to your meeting, as the LSAC (local school advisory committee) meets on April 2nd . I will let you know if that does.

We have received a slew of questions via e-mail the solicitation appears to have been very effective. I've e-mailed those on a periodic basis to you and the LSAC. Some excellent questions have been offered, as well as some very poignant comments.

Finally, I've devoted a fair amount of time and effort to a web location for information on this. Any links that might prove helpful are most appreciated. Let me know what you think about what is posted thus far.

Thank You Notes I'll have a card for you to sign thanking Rev. Hukki for the moment of silence at town meeting.

Also, I'll do up individual letters to your counterparts in the mutual aid towns that sent help on the 19th for the big fire. Those fire departments deserve a lot of credit many individuals spent their work day on our scene (including our own guys).

FD Boiler I'm in hopes to piece together a draft for the fire chief this week. Several of my colleagues were kind enough to supply some drafts of their boiler RFPs.

Pump Engine 401 There may be an expensive problem with the pump on engine 401, though it worked perfectly at the fire of the 19th . Mo is monitoring the situation, and I have no clue on how to describe it.

March 19th Fire Wow, this was the largest in-town fire we've had since I joined the department in 1986. As you may or may not know, we had 3-trucks on scene within 6-minutes of the call. Thankfully no one was in the house and none of the 50 or so firefighters who responded got hurt. We couldn't save the house there was no chance because if spread so quickly, but we did keep it from spreading to any other nearby buildings and into the fields and woods. I was the incident commander for the entire operation and special thanks go to Jay Fowler and the Lamoine Marketplace when they were requested for an excavator and food respectively. The entire community seems like it wants to help out the family, and others are coordinating that. I'm prepared to discuss whatever you might think needs discussing from a fire department point of view.

Switch phone-fax line When the fax machine that was in my office was recalled, we lost the capability of having the answering machine or the fax machine pick up depending on what the call was. We do have a 2nd incoming line (667-0572) which is used for the vote by phone line on state elections. My thought is to dedicate this line to the fax machine, change our publicity and use that for the incoming fax number. However this is a local out call only, so to send a fax to a non-local exchange requires that we use the Time Warner line. This could be accomplished by installing a switch in the clerk's office to switch to that line. I would suggest that someone other than me do the wiring, though I'm perfectly capable, it just wouldn't look very good.

Lamoine Quarterly I should have a draft of this done by the end of the week. I'll e-mail the draft for review. Needless to say, there is a lot of news, and I'm attempting to take perspectives that are not showing up in the regular media.

Personnel Review Schedule In your packets is a schedule for the annual reviews along with each contract and an evaluation sheet. Each employee has their date and I've not heard from any that it's a problem for them. Mine will be first at the April 19 th meeting.

Next Meetings If we are to meet once in July and August, it might be best to pick a date soon.

That's all I have for right now. See you on April 5th .