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For meeting of April 19, 2012

It's baseball season in Maine, and you're most likely to find me on a ballfield in the late afternoon from now through early June. Here's hoping for sunshine and warm temperatures! The grass has started to green-up early, and lawn mowing season may start on the early side this year too!

Things have been relatively peaceful in town in the past couple of weeks. The fire department had a call last Saturday for a vehicle fire in the woods that was quickly extinguished by a good crew and help from Hancock. The members are undergoing their mandatory training this Sunday (the 15th) to bring us into compliance with the Bureau of Labor Standards.

Your agenda looks relatively benign.

Minutes It was a fairly short meeting. Look over the minutes and submit written corrections if possible.

Warrant 20 This is a larger one as the school bill is on here. The filing for the quitclaim deed for the tax acquired property is on here, along with new chains for the fire dept chainsaws and payroll. We've made up a couple of new signs for the cardboard/mixed paper container at the transfer station. Nothing terribly unusual.

Cash & Budget Report Still looking pretty good from what I can see.

Investment Management/Hodgkins Fund Reports These are posted on the town's website (once they're received).

Sweeping Bids I expect several bids to be received this year. The budget for this year is $2,000. Last year the low bid was $4,000 (which came in well after the budget for this year was developed). Next year's budget is $4,000.

MUBEC Last August the Board discussed the MUBEC issue and there was an offer to have an expert come talk with the town about enforcement of our Building and Land Use Ordinance and how that interfaces with MUBEC. Nothing has come of that at this point Mike Jordan inquired if that could be followed up.

Small Harbors Improvement Grant This program is once again available. I'd like to ask Jay McIntosh at Lamoine State Park if there is some interest by the park in this program and whether the town could help.

Acadia Gateway Opening You've received an invite to attend the grand opening of the new bus garage in Trenton (it's quite a facility I recommend the tour!). It's on May 4, 2012 at 1PM. RSVP's are required.

Elected Officials Workshop MMA is holding a workshop in Bar Harbor on June 28th . I highly recommend this if you've never been to one. I'll be happy to enroll those who wish to go.

Special Town Meeting This item will appear on agendas through May in case there is anything that needs to be addressed. I have nothing at this time. We are making plans to record the school forum on May 7 th and the public hearing on May 30th .

Fire Department Boiler Bid Still waiting to finalize this with the fire chief. The dates may shift in the original draft a bit.

Town Hall Gardens A better drafted proposal will be drawn up this week and sent to other landscapers in town which is what I think you were asking to do.

Personnel Reviews Mine is first you should have the blank evaluation sheets that were in the packet last meeting.

That's it for now. See you on the 19th .