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For meeting of May 7, 2012

Updated May 2, 2012 - Because a quorum is not available on May 3, 2012, the Selectmen's meeting has been rescheduled for May 7, 2012 at 8PM at the Lamoine School following the school forum, approximately 8:00 PM

It's nice to see a little rain (OK, a lot of rain). That has significantly lessened the fire danger, greened up the grass, and kept the dust down a bit.

Your meeting agenda is relatively brief.

Minutes – April 19, 2012 – Please look them over and make written corrections if possible.

Warrant 21 – This will be a relatively small one. There are several invoices for turnout gear for the fire department – the chief ordered new helmets and gloves. We got a grant for half of the gloves from the forest service. There will be a payroll on here, and Richard McMullen's final plowing bill, and any escalator cost (still waiting for the calculation) will be on here as well.

Cash and Budget Report – Nothing of major concern at this writing (4/24/12). I would note that the tax collector is getting ready to send out 30-day notices this month on unpaid taxes, and we sent out dog license reminders last month which boosted animal control a bit – the ACO will pay a visit soon to those folks who've not registered.

RSU 24 Withdrawal Vote – I've prepared a memo regarding the RSU 24 funding formula which may help answer some of the questions that have come up. I plan to share that with the Local School Advisory Committee for their meeting on Monday.

MUBEC – If Gary can get me contact info for the consultant who was spoken of last week, I'll try to get in contact with him for an estimate for ordinance review.

Small Harbors Improvement Grant – I will follow up with Mr. McIntosh at the park, and if a letter of intent is warranted, one will be drafted for the meeting. The deadline for that letter is prior to your next meeting after this one.

Fire Department Boiler – No progress yet to report on the boiler spec. I'll consult with the fire chief on that.

Searchable Information – Town Website – Oddly enough, when I Googled “Lamoine Selectmen MUBEC” it came right up to the minutes we were discussing last week. I think no change is needed to the website to search for specific items. In fact, I tried it again for an issue further on in the agenda for this week, and it came right up to the minutes involving that issue.

Illegal dumping – 262 Lamoine Beach Road – I received a report from a citizen of materials that were dumped on the road leading into the former landfill. There are old carpeting remnants and what looks like piping from a swimming pool. We could report this to the Maine Forest Service, or just take 10-minutes to clean it up on a Friday or Saturday. I'm not sure how long it has been there and whether any type of investigation would lead to the source.

Commercial Trash Hauler Application – Russell Boynton Jr. – I've sent Rusty the application and anticipate he will fill it out and have it back for your meeting. His suspension ends on April 30, 2012 (that's what I googled earlier), and the next open date for the transfer station is the day after your meeting. He's anxious to get back to the transfer station, and I do not know of any incidents that would cause any extension of the suspension.

Contract with me – Based on the discussion in executive session at the last meeting (thank you for the nice compliments!) I've drawn up a 3-year contract. There is no rush to execute this, and feel free to suggest changes, but the compensation and insurance are as we discussed. Some other language has been cleaned up. We should probably go over it.

Job Performance Review – Jennifer is up next.

That's it for now. Baseball season is now in full swing, so you won't see a lot of me here at the office in the afternoons.