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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meetings of May 30, 2012 & June 7, 2012

The public hearing on the 30th is, technically, a Selectmen's meeting. Other than the hearing, the only other matter on the agenda will be an expenditure warrant, which may or may not be large, depending on whether the paving project gets done.

I'll be assisting with the TV portion of the public hearing as well as at the meeting.

The June 7th meeting will be a more regular meeting.

Minutes the minutes from May 30, 2012 will be taken from the DVD of the meeting. I'll try to be fairly thorough with the testimony. Look over the 17th which is done if you would and make written corrections.

Warrants 23 & 24 Warrant 23 will have the payroll for that date on it, along with a few small bills that have come in since the 17th . Again, if the paving bill is ready, it'll be on there. Warrant 24 will be just a week later.

Cash and Budget Report We're getting into the home stretch with a month to go. Actually, other than excise tax, we're doing OK.

Checking Account Reconciliation That will be ready for the June 7th meeting.

Unpaid 2011/12 Property Taxes As mentioned last meeting, 30-day notices have gone out, and liens will be filed at the Registry of Deeds between June 9th and June 19th . We had a lot of notices this year seems like more than usual.

Boston Post Cane June Davis should be here to receive the cane. I'll do up a nice certificate to go with it, and it can be a photo opportunity.

Inquiry Wood Cutting David Crane asked if the town was ever interested in selling wood from the dump lot. I suspect this might be something we have to ask the town meeting for permission to do, but it might be a good alternate income source. I'm not sure how much value is there, and if a cutting were to be done and sold, it should be bid out.

Fire Department Boiler As of this writing (5/21/12) there have been no inquiries. I sent out ads direct to all the local heating contractors I could find.

RSU 24 Withdrawal Vote This will be the last time this is on the agenda prior to the 6/12/12 vote. If it passes, it will mean some scrambling on the part of the board.

MUBEC The attorney who spoke with me and was going to e-mail his reply is now on vacation and didn't send an e-mail. The bottom line is that Mike Jordan is pretty much spot on in regard to what items we have in the BLUO must adhere to MUBEC, or the ordinance can be amended to remove it.

Hodgkins Scholarship These should start arriving en masse soon. The deadline is June 1st . So far the only thing received as of 5/21 is one transcript. The idea for this meeting is to set up the awards committee and a meeting date to consider the applications prior to June 15th . I cannot advise you on this as my daughters (I hope) will be among the applicants.

Fireworks Parks Commission The Parks Commission has voted to ask that the town consider an ordinance to ban the use of consumer fireworks in the town park areas (Lamoine Beach, Bloomfield, Marlboro Beach). I'm not sure how to do this and who would enforce it, but we could start the discussion. Perhaps it is as simple as requiring a permit from the fire warden.

Contracts If all goes well I'll have the contracts ready for Bill and Jennifer as discussed last meeting.

Meeting Dates August 9th is a conflict for Cynthia. If we move it to the 2nd do you want another at the end of the month? Let's discuss the summer schedule.

Executive Session This is Dennis's turn this time.