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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 21, 2012

This will be your last regularly scheduled meeting of the fiscal year, and the agenda is pretty full. As I write Wednesday morning, we're recovering from Election Night and a much larger turnout than expected! As you have heard, the withdrawal question passed by about 80-votes.

Minutes – The minutes from May 30 were not yet finalized – awaiting the minor corrections. I'll look them over again to see what needed correcting.

June 7th is in your packet. June 14th will be ready at the meeting on the 21st – they should be fairly short.

Warrant 25 – As mentioned last time, this will be a big one. We've got the RSU regular bill, the school tuition bill (which was slightly lower than budgeted), and the paving bills (though Lane has not yet sent it as of this writing). We'll have to transfer nearly $300,000 from the investment management account to cover the checks!

Cash & Budget Report – With just a couple of weeks left in the fiscal year, we're sitting pretty well in all accounts.

Investment Management Report – This is available on the town's website, and a hard copy is available if you wish to review it further.

Liens – A list of liens will be printed and placed in your packets for the 14 th . There were a lot more liens this year!

General Assistance Hearing/Amendment – The changes by the Maine Legislature are proposed to be rolled into the local ordinance. A hearing is required, followed by Select Board action. The entire packet is available for your review.

RSU 24 Withdrawal Vote – There is a lot of work to be done now that the town has voted to petition for withdrawal from the RSU. Jennifer has signed the letters to the education commissioner and the superintendent with the official results and that has been sent off. If all goes well Thursday the 14 th , the board will sign its “reasons” letter for the superintendent and commissioner. Gordon Donaldson has requested some time to discuss appointing a withdrawal committee.

Letter from Catherine deTuede – As requested, another copy of her letter has been printed and is included in your packet. The initial response included a reference to a 1996 vote on the town meeting format. Since then, Dick pointed out a similar election question in 2010 which also had more than 800 votes cast (it was a gubernatorial election).

Request from CW Hemingway re: ROW – A separate memo is included in your packet in regard to the letter from Mr. Hemingway.

MUBEC – The Planning Board minutes are in your packet – the MUBEC issue is discussed.

Boiler Bid – I'm in hopes that Moe Oliver will be able to meet with you – there apparently are some issues in the way the radiant heating pipes were installed.

Personal Business at Town Facilities – A memo was provided to you at the last meeting which you wanted to review.

Appointments – The last is attached as part of the agenda and will be updated as needed prior to the meeting. Most everyone is back on board!

Code Enforcement Officer – I've revised the original ad that was drafted for the CEO/LPI. Let's make final edits so it can be advertised. The date (6/21) will have to change, since that's the date of the meeting. Suggest July 12th .

As far as the interim CEO, Dennis has offered to work beyond 7/1 if needed. We also have Mike Jordan who is currently the deputy. It would be good to discuss that interim position with both.

Road – Mowing Bid – The grass has grown well this spring/summer and should be mowed post-haste. Last year Richard McMullen used a bush hog, and didn't get as far off the road as might be desired. Do we want to specify a sickle bar and maybe a 6-foot distance from the edge of the pavement? I would suggest allowing the road commissioner to receive and award the bids. George Crawford has suggested a 3-year bid on the services as well, which would be fine with me!

Vacation - I have a boat load of vacation (31-days) from the contract that expires 6/30/12. Under that contract, I have until the end of August to use them or lose them. I can't possibly take that much time, but would like to take 13 days on the dates specified. (My wife says I'm getting grumpy and need some time off!).

Lamoine Quarterly – If all goes well, I should have a draft ready for review on the 21 st . I'm not optimistic that everything will go that well.

Next meeting dates – I suspect you'll want to interview CEO candidates sometime in July, but we can cross that bridge when it arrives. Any more thought to a 2 nd meeting in August?

Executive Session – Mike & Mike will be in for their reviews and contracts.

That's it for now. Sorry about the busy agenda. Bring a pen!