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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of July 12, 2012

Happy New (Fiscal) Year!

A busy agenda for July, and you're likely to have a special meeting (I hope) to appoint a Code Enforcement Officer toward the end of the month.

Minutes You have two sets for approval, June 21 and June 26. I'm still looking for the corrections to the last set of minutes in May if you could.

Warrant 27 These are expenditures made for FY 2011/12 mostly payables to state agencies and bills that were incurred during the year.

Warrant 1 This is the first warrant for FY 2012/13. It will include the one time payments including the social service agencies, YMCA, Library, and the first payroll of the year as well as some dues items.

Budget Reports The latest budget run for FY 2011/12 is on line. The public safety budget is still within parameters; however the fire department line exceeds the budget. The fire department wants to know if the Selectmen would like the corporation to reimburse the town for that line item. The reason the total public safety budget is under budget is because the ambulance line that was approved was higher than needed due to population projections. The FD budget is over about $2,000 due to hose testing that was done as required by the Maine Department of Labor. The budget for FY 12/13 will be short because of the hose test requirement.

The FY 12/13 budget report is in the development process and I hope will be ready for the meeting. It too will be on line when available.

Checking Account Reconciliation The reconciliation documents were e-mailed to you for June 30, 2012. A hard copy is available for review at the town office and will be available meeting night.

Mileage Rate The current rate is $.50/mile, which is a hybrid of the IRS Rate and the State Rate. There is no change to either of those rates, so the $0.50/mile rate would remain the same.

URIP Acceptance The annual form is in house for signature. The MDOT will pay us $23,876. We had budgeted $22,000, so this will help.

Joint Heating Fuel Bid We should have the results from Hancock's RFP. They opened the bids on July 3 rd . The low bid was Acadia Fuel at $2.83! That'll mean an overall savings of $1,225. We had put $4/gallon in the budget. The town hall budgets for 1,000 gallons, we budgeted for $4,000 so we'll be under budget by $1,170. The fire station budgets for 1,500 gallons, so the cost should come in $1,755 under budget. This is the same company we used last year.

LPC Representative There are 3-people running for 2 positions. A copy of the ballot is in your packets.

Meeting with Catherine deTuede re town meeting format Ms. deTuede will be here with her suggestions.

Appointments I missed a couple of appointments on the last list and suggest continuing with the same personnel for the first three. Where the CEO job is in limbo at this time, and the current deputy/alternate planning board member may apply for the job, the deputy positions and the alternate planning board position have not been dealt with. You might wish to wait on these until after the executive session.

Mowing I'm in hopes of having mowing bids back for Thursday, and the job can be awarded then.

Road Repairs If all goes smoothly, there will be a list of summer work for your approval.

New England Management Institute The annual Maine Town & City Management Institute is in Bethel (Sunday River) from August 22 through 24. I'm teaching a class for the tax collector's and treasurer's association the day before that in Augusta. I'm on vacation the week after. It's been a few years since I've attended the Institute and look for your guidance on whether attendance this year would be beneficial.

Ongoing :

Next Meetings The August meeting is set for the 2nd . There will have to be a warrant signing sometime in July and another in August so the bills can be paid. The CEO Search Committee should also set a meeting date. As of this writing, we've not received any applications.

Executive Session You have two staff members to review and talk about contracts with, along with a preliminary review of CEO applications.

See you on the 12th .