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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of August 2, 2012

It's been a very busy week here in the town office as the tax commitment was completed by the Assessors on Saturday, and Jennifer & I have spent the last day and a half mailing out the tax bills. It actually all went very smoothly this year I'm waiting for something to go wrong!

A reminder that I'm on vacation next week (week of July 23-27). I really do intend to take most of the week off though the MDI League of Towns meets on the 24 th on Cranberry Isles, so I'll attend that since I'm supposed to chair it.

Minutes The written minutes are in your packet. Thanks in advance for any corrections.

Warrant 2 This will be a large one as the school payment will be on here. Much of the warrant is for accounts payable from FY 2012. I'm in hopes this will be ready for signature on July 19th , so you'll just review it when you meet. Please ask any questions at the time of signing or at the meeting.

Warrant 3 This will be generated the week I return from vacation. I do not anticipate this will be very large.

Cash & Budget Reports You can follow these on the town's website for FY 2012 and FY 2013. So far, so good on both years.

Investment Management Reports Links for both the First Advisors report for June 30, 2012 and the Hodgkins Trust for June 30, 2012 are on the website. Hard copies will be available if you wish to review them.

Excise Tax Report The report is posted on the website and I'll print it off for the packet as well. The good news is we collected 99% of budget!

Property Tax Rate FY 13 As mentioned above, the assessors completed the tax commitment. Lower municipal and school spending (paving mostly) helped to lower the tax rate by 2/10 of a mill. The assessors picked up some valuation over the year as well.

Code Enforcement Officer Appointment If all goes well, you should have a candidate to appoint for your meeting. I'm writing this on Wednesday the 18th of July. The search committee meets on the 19th . I'd like to see interviews done by the 31 st if possible, and a recommendation given by the meeting night.

Special Town Meeting Warrant I'll be drafting up the warrant for September 20th after writing this report. I don't anticipate any more items than what was discussed at the previous meeting.

There are budget items on here I would recommend asking the Budget Committee to convene jointly with you at the first meeting in September to go over those items and make some recommendations. I'll have a memo on that as well.

Lamp Recycling Program The Maine DEP is offering a free lamp recycling program. I've put the announcement in your packets. I think we have the space in the bottle building to accommodate this. I'll ask Bill Fennelly about it in the near future to see what he thinks.

Projects Front Door This is something that we should get done in the very near future. I'll work on getting a request for proposals ready for this.

Vault This is something I've worked on over the past year, and I'm kind of stuck on how to move forward with the project. I've put the work thus far in your packets.

Ongoing Nothing new on MUBEC. The RSU 24 Withdrawal Committee is going great guns I look forward to hearing what Gary can share with the Board.

Next Meetings The first and 3rd Thursdays of the next four months are listed.

That's all for the agenda for now. Thank you in advance for the vacation week. There will be another in late August.