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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of September 6, 2012

Hope the summer is going well for everyone. It has been pretty quiet here at the office, and I'm getting ready for the next meeting very early in anticipation of vacation and closing out the fiscal year for the auditors.

You'll have a pretty busy meeting on the 6th . A reminder that County Commissioner candidate Antonio Blasi plans to attend. I have informed his opponent, Fred Erhlenbach, of the request and stressed that this is not to be a political campaign debate.

Minutes of August 2, 2012 The minutes are in your packets. It was a fairly short public portion of the meeting.

Warrant 4 You'll be signing this warrant in between meetings so that we can pay the bills that are due. I'll keep it up to date on the website, and it will be ready to sign by Thursday the 16 th . This will be a fairly large warrant as the school bill is on here along with a transfer into investment management.

Warrant 5 This will also be a large warrant as the County Tax bill will be on here, and I'm in hopes of making a sizable transfer into investment management as the first half of the taxes are due at the end of August.

Cash & Budget Report Cash flow is very good right now. As mentioned, the first half of the property taxes are due at the end of the month, and we've had excellent collections thus far. I'll keep the report up to date on the website.

Checking Account Reconciliation This will be e-mailed to you around September 3rd when the statement comes out.

Audit The auditors will be here on August 23rd . That's a bit earlier than usual, so I'll be wrapping up the year the week of the 13th .

Budget Committee Meeting The Budget Committee will meet jointly with you and hold their organizational meeting. The first step is to appoint an alternate member. I put out a request for volunteers and two have mentioned the Budget Committee position so far. After the committee organizes itself, they will discuss the special town meeting warrant items.

Cable TV Committee The Committee met this week (the 7th) and has several recommendations. As you know the operations manager position is vacant. A couple of members of the committee are interested in doing some work in that regard, but can't make a full commitment. I'm not sure if maybe you want to advertise it again, or possibly appoint (and pay) those two committee members for functioning in that role.

The committee is making some recommendation for equipment purchase. The first is a RAID hard drive. This basically two hard drives combined into one unit for the CTV system. One backs up the other automatically. I can see a lot of good with that, as I spend the bulk of the last two days dubbing DVD's into the system after the lone hard drive crashed just before your last meeting.

The second purchase recommendation comes from Brett Jones and is a new internet server for the town's e-mail and website. The serve that we have now is very old and it's something that Brett cobbled together a long time ago. He fears it has exceeded its useful life. That will be money well spent!

The committee is also recommending a 2nd high quality camera. The one purchased last year is far superior to the two, old, cheap consumer models that were purchased. I'll have specifics on cost for the meeting.

Finally, the committee is recommending an upgraded computer to the 7-year old Compaq currently in use in the TV room. It has reached the end of its useful life and constantly freezes. An inexpensive one from Wal-Mart will suffice.

Appointments In addition to the Budget Committee Alternate slot that is vacant, we have openings for a Planning Board Alternate member, an Appeals Board regular member and an alternate on the Appeals Board. There has been some interest expressed and before passing along the names, I'll wait until the meeting as there is plenty of time for additional interest.

Front Entrance Project The RFP is due the day of the meeting. The ad went into the newspaper this week and it's posted on the website. Hope there is some interest.

CEO Contract I've got a draft in your packet as well as with Mike Jordan. If you could look this over ahead of the meeting and get back to me with questions, concerns, changes etc. we could have this ready for signature at the meeting.

Planning Board Gravel Ordinance John Holt tells me he would like to have a town referendum vote on a new gravel ordinance in November. I'm not sure where they are in regard to that ordinance development process. This will entail calling a special town meeting and holding a public hearing on the proposed ordinance.

Harbor Violation A notice of violation went to the alleged violator with a deadline to correct by August 9th . I've not heard back from the Harbor Master as to whether the offending lobster car has been removed. We have not received the required paperwork at the town office. We should know more by the meeting.

Ongoing RSU 24 Withdrawal There is nothing new from the committee that has hit this office. A news story reported this week that Ellsworth officials met with Jim Rier at the Department of Education and were told that the commissioner will not even look at a plan unless it's been agreed to by both the municipality and the RSU. That makes it highly unlikely that the withdrawal plan will be ready for the November election.

MUBEC/BLUO Nothing new to report on this matter.

That's it for now. See you on the 16th to sign a warrant