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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of September 20, 2012

It's your last meeting of the summer, and this one will start right after the special town meeting, which means about 7:15 PM if all goes as suspected.

There is not a lot on the agenda this time around.

Minutes of 9/6/12 The electronic version is posted on line. The print version may have a page or two wrinkled in your copy the paper gets humid and doesn't go through the copier cleanly when that happens. Please submit written corrections if possible.

Warrant 6 The school payment is on here. So far, there is nothing else big. The auditor's bill is for the first half of the audit work.

Cash & Budget Report At this point, excise tax is looking pretty strong on the revenue side. On the expense side, we're about where we should be. We'll likely get our first snow plowing bill soon.

Appointments For some reason I missed reappointing Kathy DeFusco to the Budget Committee when we did all the appointments this summer. She's perfectly willing to serve. That was my error.

The appointment of a Deputy Code Enforcement Officer was tabled last meeting. As directed, the job descriptions for the CEO and Deputy CEO have been drafted the CEO brings back the gravel inspection process which had been delegated previously. The Deputy CEO job description is significantly shortened to mirror the CEO. The 2 nd part of this process is a contract with the proposed Deputy which specifies the activities expected and more importantly the conflicts that are to be avoided. The proposed Deputy is agreeable to the proposed contract.

Presuming that the town meeting approves the proposed budget adjustments, a new contract to reflect the payment to Jennifer has been drafted and is included.

The Municipal Review Committee is looking for nominees to the Board of Directors. If you know of anyone, the board could nominate them.

Set Town Meeting Date March 2013 If we keep the same date as the previous few years, the election would be March 12, 2013 and the open meeting on March 13 th . The reason for setting this now is to let folks know when nomination papers will be available in the Lamoine Quarterly, and give a target date to the Budget Committee.

Ongoing The RSU Withdrawal and MUBEC/BLUO issues will stay on the agenda until they are disposed of. I have no new information at this time.

Lamoine Quarterly If all goes smoothly, a draft edition should be nearly ready for your meeting.

Ad for Temporary Clerk/Tax Collector I e-mailed Michelle Beal asking if she might have anyone interested in filling in on a part-time basis. She inquired about the hours, but I've not heard back further.

Next Meetings Since Gary will likely be unavailable for the December 20th meeting, and it's so close to Christmas, the plan on my end is to have a warrant signing only.

Executive Session Jo has asked for an executive session for a discussion with the CEO. I have informed the CEO of this and he'll be there.

See you on Thursday at 7PM.