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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of October 4, 2012

Hope the autumn is treating everyone well. If all goes well, I'll be removing the flags from the utility poles on Friday the 28th . Things have been pretty quiet in late September at the town office, allowing us to get caught up on a lot of filing. We're still awaiting receipt of absentee ballots and official confirmation that we'll get a vote tabulation machine. We'll keep you posted.

The agenda is relatively brief this will give you a chance to get into the budget, provided I get that started, which I should be able to do in the next couple of days.

Minutes The written edits are most appreciated, thank you.

Warrant 7 So far this is pretty light. Note that the clerk's check is larger based on the adjusted contract signed last week which has a one time payment for the differential between July 1 and September 30th . The warrant will be updated on the website as new bills are added. I'm not anticipating anything large for this warrant except possibly the first plowing bill, and, hopefully, the prepaid oil bill. We might also get the bill for the FD boiler soon as that has been installed.

Cash & Budget Reports The budget amounts have been adjusted to reflect the town meeting action of September 20th . We're doing OK on revenues, though excise has dropped off dramatically in the past 2-weeks. It should pick up later this week as the September registrations expire. Expenditures are where they should be.

Checking Account Reconciliation This should be ready and e-mailed to you October 1st or 2nd .

Meeting with Frenchman Bay Partnership The young lady who called had promised to e-mail some material ahead of time, but I've yet to see it. Someone is supposed to show up.

MDI League Collaboration Meeting The meeting is tentatively planned for October 17th . Deadline to respond that you can make it is October 3rd . If they don't have 10 elected officials, the meeting will be canceled.

Appointment of Temporary Assistant Clerk/Tax Collector I've called the candidate and expect we'll be able to work out a suitable arrangement on hours and pay. The reason for appointing early is so that I can get her to a BMV training ASAP.

RSU 24 Withdrawal Update I presume Gary can fill you in on any new developments.

MUBEC/BLUO If there are any new developments here, we'll let you know.

Budget Workshop The plan is to start developing the 2013/14 budget later today (Wednesday 9/26/12). As discussed with the budget committee, I don't know of any major projects to tackle. Anticipate a request to at least buy a truck chassis for a new tanker for the fire department (the estimates are already here). I'll have the capital improvement program printed off for you at the very least!

Next Meetings The meeting dates are listed on the agenda. Note there will likely only be one meeting in December, as the 3rd Thursday falls just 5-days prior to Christmas (and on Gary's birthday!).

See you on the 4th .