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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of October 18, 2012

Darn, we had to turn up the heat in the town office today. I'm writing this on Tuesday, October 9th after a “long” weekend. After Sunday's power outage, it took about an hour to bring all the equipment back on line and functioning. The power was out for about an hour, and that even caused the burglar alarm to default to its original setting. Everything seemed to survive, but the battery backups have a limited life, and some of them need new batteries.

On a happier note, the absentee ballots finally arrived on Saturday the 6th . They'd been shipped to Gouldsboro! We sent out 40-ballots this morning to folks who'd already requested them, and today has been fairly brisk with folks voting by absentee.

By the time you pick up your packets, Jennifer and I will have been to Elections training as required. We're still awaiting word on when we get our machine and training on that.

Nancy Jones will be attending BMV training on October 16th in Ellsworth. Jennifer and I will be out of the office on Thursday afternoon the 18th (the day of our meeting) at BMV training in Ellsworth for the annual update. The office will be closed from 1:30 to 4:30 for that.

Minutes – As always, thank you in advance for any written corrections you have.

Warrant 8 – This will be on the large side. The school payment will be the largest part of this and we'll have to transfer some money from the investment account to cover that – I estimate $100,000. There are some purchases for the Cable TV committee which you authorized a couple of meetings ago as well, including the 2nd high quality camera.

Cash & Budget Report – Things seem to be in pretty good shape as far as the budget is concerned. Excise tax revenue was tracking a little ahead of the percentage of year passed, and that's always good news. It should start to fall behind in another few weeks.

2013 Planners/Calendars – The past few years we've purchased nice little planning calendars for our volunteer boards. Would you like to continue that? Cost is roughly $2.78/each. I estimate we'll need 40. With the printing on the cover, that will run $126.15. Let me know.

Public Hearings – You've got one for the Automobile Graveyards and one for the General Assistance annual updates. These generally do not attract any public input. Notices are posted in the usual public locations, and have been mailed to abutting landowners for the junkyards, as well as advertised in the newspaper.

Automobile Graveyards – Mike Jordan will be inspecting the two existing yards in the next week. As of this writing I have the written application but await payment.

GA Ordinance – This is the annual update for the eligibility figures.

Frenchman Bay Partners – Last meeting Jane Disney gave a nice presentation and asked whether the town would like to be a partner. As I understand it, there is no cost and the obligation of the liaison is whatever the liaison wants it to be. There could be some benefit to both the town and the organization from becoming a member. You asked that this be on a future agenda.

RSU 24 Withdrawal – The Education Commissioner has received the letter from the RSU Withdrawal committee requesting an extension. Gary should have more of an update.

Town Meeting Discussion – As requested last meeting, this is on the agenda. The concern was that town meeting date was set at the usual time. I believe the discussion from previous meetings was about planning other events to coincide with the town meeting to encourage more attendance. We've gone around and around on the timing of the meeting, and according to the numbers an evening meeting during the week seems to draw the most folks.

You might want to push this back a bit on the agenda to accommodate an interview with the potential candidate for the CTV Ops manager. That should be in executive session.

Budget Workshop – I gave you the draft administration budget last meeting. I'll be working on the other budgets for this meeting. The budget committee meets on November 12th , so I'd like to have your submissions finalized by the 1st of November, which is your next meeting. You could have a special budget workshop meeting between now and then if you wish.

That's it from here. See you on the 18th .