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Adminstrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of November 1, 2012

This has been, needless to say, a very stressful week. I'm writing this on Wednesday, October 24, 2012.

My goal for this meeting is to speed through the first items and concentrate on the Budget Workshop so that a budget can be presented to the Budget Committee for November 12th .

Minutes Please read over the minutes of the 18th and submit written corrections as usual.

Warrant 9 This should be relatively small. So far the largest bill is for sand (and that will be deducted from Richard McMullen's bill in November). The warrant will continue to be updated on the website as bills are added.

Cash & Budget Report Things are looking fairly good in comparison to the budget at this point. I expect excise collections to start to ease off as winter approaches.

2010/11 Liens Foreclosure List I've mailed out (non-certified) reminders to folks who are still in lien from 2010/11 to see if they might pay things off before even more fees are generated by the required 30-45 day foreclosure notice. Those notices will go out in early November. The automatic foreclosure date is December 17, 2011.

One of those on the list is one of the men who was murdered this week. The balance due on that property is just under $130.00. Let's discuss the options for that. I fear that it will take some time for a personal representative to be appointed for his estate and the property would automatically foreclose to the town.

Checking Account Reconciliation If all goes well, I'll be able to do the reconciliation that day. I will e-mail the details to you ahead of the meeting.

RSU 24 I presume Gary will have an update. There was a big meeting on the 22nd and I understand some issues were resolved.

An e-mail from Gordon Donaldson indicates that the RSU Board has dropped the energy bond idea. He said the RSU would get back to us about the deed request not being needed. As of this writing, no such notification has been made. An e-mail was sent out that outlined what is taking place in regard to an attorney's preparation of a deed, and the process for granting a variance for the non-conforming lot that would be created.

Shooting Incident A separate memo is included with your packets in regard to the actions of the town government following yesterday's incident.

Budget Workshop You got your notebooks last meeting (Cynthia can pick up her book any time). We need to finalize something to submit to the Budget Committee which meets on November 12.

That's it from here. We'll see you on the 1st .