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Administrative Assistant's Bi-Weekly Report

For Meeting of January 3, 2013

This is being written a week before Christmas, so Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 in advance. While folks to our north are experiencing a White Christmas, we only have a Wet Christmas season so far. I suspect our plowing contractor is pleased! I know the less I have to shovel, the happier I am.

My plan is to work minimally the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve. I'll cover lunch hour Wed-Fri, we close early on Monday the 24 th and Monday the 31 st to accommodate the bank schedules.

Your agenda is relatively light – there are not a lot of issues going on.

Minutes December 6, 2012 – Please review the minutes and written corrections are most welcome.

Warrant 12 – You will have signed this (I hope) on the 20 th of December. Highlights include the school payment, lots of lien discharges, and the plowing bill. We will have to move about $135,000 from the investment fund into the checking account to cover the school check.

Warrant 13 – This should be fairly mild, no school, no plow bill. The final payroll for 2012 will be on here. This will be posted on line when it starts to be compiled. The new Cable TV Hard drive has arrived, and that will be on this warrant.

Cash & Budget Report – This is posted on line. We're at the slowest part of the year for revenues, so excise tax is lagging. Expenses are tracking fairly well to the percentage of the year passed.

Checking Account Reconciliation – I'll do my darndest to get this done on January 2 nd and e-mailed prior to the meeting.

Foreclosed Property – We automatically foreclosed on just one piece of property this year – it's Map 14 Lot 15-3, a vacant lot on North Road that had been owned by an adjacent landowner. The mortgage holder paid the property tax for the adjacent lot, but not for the abutting piece. The back taxes, fees and interest as of this writing were $2,281.53. The assessors have the land valued at $71,400. The town meeting article regarding disposition of foreclosed property requires that you offer this to the former owner for payment of all back taxes, fees and interest. I will draft a letter to be signed by the chair to offer this to the former owner and giving her 30-days to respond.

Emergency Operations Plan Update – It's ironic that we had scheduled this several meetings ago given the tragedy that recently happened in Newtown, CT. I've reviewed the plan, and suggested some updates, not a lot. You received a copy of this in November, and I would ask that you mark it up with any changes you'd like to see implemented, and we could have a signature copy for the January 17.

Lamoine Quarterly – My goal for the rest of this week is to get that put together. Should be an interesting issue!

RSU 24 Withdrawal Update – I presume Gary will have something to report.

Town Meeting – Budget – The Budget Committee meets on January 7, 2013 to make its final recommendations. A printout of the budget as of today's review is included in your packets along with the minutes of the previous meeting.

Town Meeting Warrant – The changes discussed at the previous meeting were incorporated into the draft. Let's continue to look that over with a goal of signing on January 17.

Town Report Draft – Some of this is done, and a draft printout is in your packets. It's by no means the final version. I'll look to Dick for help on the dedication and to you for input on the Selectmen's message. The year end reports for the various boards and departments will start to trickle in. If you would like, I'll get an estimate form Xpress Copy on printing it again this year – they do a very nice job and are easy to work with, not to mention relatively inexpensive.

Publicity – I have called Downeast Graphics and Printing about the “campaign sign” idea – waiting for a price on that. As time grows closer, a flyer for distribution to students and posting will be drafted – ready for distribution in mid-February.

Other – An addendum will likely be necessary as this is being prepared well in advance of the meeting.

See you next year!