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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of January 17, 2013

Happy winter! Actually as I write, it has warmed up a lot; the snow is starting to melt off the roof along with the large icicles. It sure beats a wind chill of 5-below!

It has been a busy two weeks since your last meeting for other boards in town, and a lot of things are getting wrapped up, I hope. The Planning Board meeting has drawn a lot of attention from both media and citizens. I hired Kimberly Grindle to record it for us (Kendall is apparently away for a few weeks).

Your agenda is relatively mild.

Minutes of 1/3/13 Even though the meeting was just half an hour long, we managed to squeeze three pages of minutes from it. Please do your usual fine job of reviewing them.

Warrant 14 This will be fairly large as the school warrant is on here. If Richard McMullen submits his January bill, that will be here as well. The annual Maine Municipal Association dues are also on this warrant.

Cash & Budget Report Nothing out of the ordinary that I could see. Excise tax revenue is running a few hundred dollars ahead of 2012, and we're less behind than we were at this time a year ago but not significantly.

Frenchman Bay Partner's Report Diane Nicholls will be here to give you a brief update.

2013/14 Budget The budget committee has finished its work, and I've printed off the budget as they've recommended. The bottom line tax commitment for the municipal budget is (if you were to use the same municipal revenue sharing as FY 2012) $165,620.49. The LD1 limit for 2012 was a little more than $168,000. We won't know what the limit for 2013 is until the municipal revenue sharing figure is released, but I'm comfortable that the budget should not exceed that limit.

Town Meeting 2013 Bring your ideas for citizen of the year to the meeting maybe written down so we keep the element of surprise. I might have a couple of names / organizations to add.

Draft Town Meeting Warrant Maine Municipal Advises that the gravel and site plan review amendments should be considered separately. We await the ordinance amendment language in the Shellfish ordinance, but the changes can be handled in one article.

Publicity I've drafted up a flyer to go home with the school students. I called Downeast Graphics again today, and still await an answer.

Town Report The draft copy is slowly filling in. The latest draft is in your packets. Sorry about all the paper.

Printer I checked with Xpress Copy, and they will print the same number of copies and pages as last year for less!

RSU 24 Withdrawal I suspect Gary will have an update for the meeting.

Planning Board There were about 140-people who attended (not all spoke) the public hearing at the school on January 8th . The Planning Board has deferred action until the February meeting on the MacQuinn pit proposal. We recorded that for TV I hired Kimberly Grindle to do that as no one else was available (or willing). Money well spent I do believe.

Got an e-mail from Tony Beardsley today no appeal was filed in the denial of the Gott pit denial, which apparently will close that out.

Comprehensive Planning Request A member of the Conservation Commission today inquired about updating the Comprehensive Plan. I've printed off a memo from the former State Planning Office. The state validation of our plan expired in 2012. You are likely to receive a request to add this issue to the Town Meeting Warrant. I'm not very clear on what the process is to get things rolling but I suspect some funding is required.

Town Office Staffing Jennifer's last day before going on maternity leave is Friday the 11th . Nancy is coming in that day to finish up training and will start on Monday. I will have a separate memo regarding accumulated vacation and sick time for her and you.

The other staffing issue is me I apparently have been placed on the basketball tournament official's list as being eligible this year. I do not know if I will be assigned to officiate any of the tournament games or even how the process works, but it's quite an honor to even be considered. I will keep everyone informed as the tourney week approaches (February 18 23).

Snow Plowing Contract The contract with Richard runs out after this season. It's time to start thinking about putting this out to bid probably after town meeting. The contract is in your packet, and I'll put some thoughts on potential changes to the contract in as well the basic idea here is to get input on what changes ought to go in the next contract and to set a timeline for the bid process.

Cell Tower Lease Buyout Offer A proposal came in the mail to buy the lease for $100,000. I show revenues from the lease which expires in 25-years to be closer to $280,000. My recommendation: no!

Next Meetings Those who turn in nomination papers will start to get packets as of the 1st meeting in February. So far there are three people who've taken out papers for the two available seats.

See you on Thursday.