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For Meeting of December 12, 2013

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and is looking forward to the holidays. This will be the only regular meeting scheduled for December, and there is a lot of important stuff on the agenda. It's also my hope that it will be a fairly brief meeting as a good deal of preparation has gone on prior to the meeting.

Remember, the meeting starts at 6:30 PM in order to accommodate the town attorney handling the gravel ordinance suit. His young son will be with him. If we need to meet in executive session we should do so right up top, and then come out to discuss what, if any, ordinance changes are being proposed.

Minutes November 21, 2013 Please look them over. It was a complex meeting, and written corrections are most welcome.

Warrant 10 This will be big because the December RSU payment is included. It'll also be a lot of payments, as it's firefighter expense reimbursement time. The warrant will be periodically updated on the website, as will the cash & budget report. The fire department has made a couple of purchases on line that will be on the warrant some traffic control signs and some small lock boxes for the trucks in which to carry a credit card and Knox Box keys.

Cash/Budget When I checked, nothing stood out as unusually high in expenses. We've received all the local road assistance for the year in one lump sum, and it was higher than budgeted. Excise tax is running well ahead of projections as we come into the lean time of the year.

Checking Account Reconciliation I have e-mailed that to you already. If you would like a printed copy, I'd be happy to make you one. No problems reconciling this month.

Lien Foreclosures There are a few folks that I've not heard from as of 11/29/13. There were 10 properties that had still not paid in full. I'll have a better listing for your meeting as foreclosure day is 2-days afterwards.

RSU 24 Withdrawal The Local School Advisory Committee has advocated hiring a consultant to work with the town as the school board forms, and should have a formal recommendation for the meeting. The committee meets on December 5, 2013. I spoke with Michelle Beal, and the City of Ellsworth has hired former superintendent Jack Turcotte as their consultant. He will be a city employee. Gordon had inquired about this person being an independent contractor. That may be difficult. If we use the same person as Hancock, one of the towns should employ that person as an employee, and the other town could reimburse the employing town, otherwise, both towns should probably hire this person as an employee due to Workers Comp and IRS rules. We can discuss it.

I've got the final draft of the town meeting warrant in your packets. Unfortunately, we'll have to hold the meeting here at the town hall, but I think it should be relatively quick, the gravel amendments will not be on there, and most of the items are technical in nature which might not attract much of a crowd.

Hancock County Planning Commission Request Annually, we have written a letter of support to the HCPC for a solid waste grant, and they've requested another one. It is drafted.

Thank-yous The RSU 24 Withdrawal Committee, Comprehensive Plan Planning Committee, and the Education Planning Committee have all reached the end of their tasks and should disband. I'll draft up thank-you letters for the board to sign thanking members for their important service.

Lamoine Quarterly I might get started on that right away, but it won't be done until the last week in December. I wasn't planning on taking much time off this month, so I will send drafts by e-mail when ready.

Town Report I've got a picture in mind for the cover it's a shot of the sunset at Lamoine State Park silhouetting a sailboat mast. I'll print some color copies to see if you like it.

We've used Xpress Copy in Portland for several years I'll get a price again if you'd like. They're fairly inexpensive especially compared to the local printers, and very easy to work with. I'd like to have it done by your January 23, 2014 meeting for printing in early February.

Are there any changes in the format you'd like for this year?

Budget The budget process is progressing the Budget Committee has just a couple more meetings for the municipal portion left. Most everything is plugged in (it should be complete before your meeting). The biggest increase is paving, as we didn't fund that much in the current or previous fiscal years, and the cycle has us paving Needles Eye road in 2015.

Meeting Dates You'll meet before the Special Town Meeting on January 9th , and possibly meet again afterwards to finish things up. It's my plan to have the annual town meeting warrant ready to sign on January 23.

That's it for now. There may be more come in during the time between now (11/30) and the meeting.