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For Meeting of March 7, 2013

Happy March. There is supposed to be quite a storm brewing, though it looks like mostly rain in our part of the world for this weekend (3/1-3/3). This will be the final meeting for this iteration of the Board of Selectmen. Let me once again say thank-you to Dick Fennelly for his service to the town.

We had a candidates night last night (2/26) that wasn't particularly well publicized or attended, but it was a very good discussion that is playing over the cable TV channel until Election Day.

The agenda is not particularly lengthy for the meeting before town meeting.

Please note that I will be out of the office on March 1st and March 5th . On the 1st , I am attending the annual town managers' interchange in Bangor. On the 5th I am teaching the tax lien class, also in Bangor. The office will be closed at lunch on both days.

Minutes of February 21, 2013 As always, written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 17 This will be a large one. The school payment of March is on this one, as it will give us a better idea of how much to shift into the investment account. Your 2nd half salary payments are also on here. With luck there will also be a sizable transfer into the investment fund as well. Taxes have come in pretty well in the past week. Nancy has done a very good job keeping up with the receipts. The warrant will be periodically updated on the website

Cash & Budget Report You'll notice spending is a bit ahead of the percent of the year that has passed that's because the March school payment is scheduled now instead of waiting until the 20th . There are no places that raise red flags for overspending at this time. Excise tax is still a concern as it lags $23,000 behind. (I'll have you know, though, the Marckoon household is doing its part!).

Checking Account Reconciliation That should be done in plenty of time for the meeting and I will e-mail it around most likely on Monday the 4th .

Tax Acquired Property Sale The bids are due at this meeting. A copy of the ad is in your packets (and linked on the electronic version.) There has not been a great deal of interest thus far.

MDOT Paving Update I spoke with the gentleman in charge of the paving projects on the state highways in Lamoine this summer. He confirmed my fear that they will not be placing a shim coat first prior to a surface coat. He says the paving is designed to last about 7-years. The last time they did the road was in 2005, about 7-and-a-half years ago. The state roads have not improved any. That's why the town roads are done with about 1.25 inches with a shim coat! They last about 15-years.

Town Meeting Preview There should be a printout of the power point show in your packets provided I get it done. The printing does not show any background pictures only those inserted on the slide. It'll look pretty nice at town meeting.

State Budget A resolve based on Hancock's will be in your packet. You asked to discuss this. There are also letters for each of you from Rep. Malaby he sent one to the town clerk as well. Interesting reading.

That's all that I have. May the storm treat you well.