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For Meeting of March 21, 2013

It's a new season for the Board of Selectmen. I'm pleased that we had three well intentioned candidates run for office, and the results were very close. Congratulations to Nate Mason and Bernie Johnson as they begin their journey as municipal officers for the town. It's also nice to have Jennifer Kovacs back on the job as tax collector and town clerk. Her many years of experience were missed while she was gone, though Nancy Jones did a fine job filling in. Nancy is agreeable to filling in from time to time if needed.

This meeting will be the first for the new iteration of the Board of Selectmen, and it's the one time each year that I'm actually in charge, albeit briefly. I'll try to not let the power go to my head. One of those powers is initially deciding who sits where at the meeting. Frankly, it makes no difference to me, and you can change seats around as you see fit. I'll set stuff out with you name plate (assuming those arrive on time) at the table.

Chair Selection My role as Deputy Town Clerk will be to call the meeting to order and to administer the selection of the chair to serve until the next annual municipal officer's election. Once that takes place, control of the meeting will be turned over to the elected chair.

Agenda Review/Addendum Typically, the board will review the printed agenda and may shift items around to accommodate those in attendance. Most meetings will also have an addendum to the printed agenda to accommodate items that have cropped up following the posting of the agenda which is typically about 8-days before the meeting. The addendum generally includes items that require a prompt decision from the board or items about which the board should be informed, but may not require a decision.

Minutes March 7, 2013 It has been helpful to have any corrections to the draft minutes submitted in writing. It does not bother me to make those corrections, and I appreciate the extra sets of eyes on the minutes to make sure they are as accurate as possible. The new board members were present at the meeting and you are certainly eligible to vote on acceptance of the minutes. I scribble notes (sometimes illegibly) at the meeting and base the minutes on those notes. Rarely, I will review the DVD recording of the meeting to clarify anything that I don't clearly remember or cannot discern from the hand written notes.

Expenditure Warrant 18 The Board of Selectmen is the final authority for paying the bills of the town, and this involves signing an expenditure warrant. For this meeting only, the draft of warrant 18 will be in your printed materials packet. This is updated periodically on the town's website as bills are processed for payment. A few things are paid ahead of the Selectmen's meeting as authorized by policy (and that is coming up later in the meeting), but for the most part, payments are not released until the warrant is signed. A copy of the final warrant will be printed the day of the meeting and at your

Cash & Budget Report Along with the warrant, a running report of the budget and cash situation is prepared for each meeting. This too is updated on line periodically. A printed copy will be in your packet and one will be printed and placed on the table on meeting night. The cash report can be fairly easily adjusted to customize your needs if the board feels that is helpful. It's a lot of numbers, and they are based on the budget that was passed and the general ledger trial balance that is run the day the report is printed.

Quitclaim Deed Presuming that payment in full is received prior to the meeting, a deed to Pamela Ouellette for Map 14 Lot 15-3 will be ready for signature. I spoke with her on Tuesday the 12 th and have mailed a letter and a transfer tax form for her signature.

Policy Adoption Rules of Procedure These are the rules that the board operates under and are adopted annually. I've made one significant change that has to do with between meeting expenditure warrants to show that they can be individually signed. The other changes change the word from chairman to chair.

Disbursement Policy As noted above, this is the policy that guides you and the treasurer (me) on how payments are made. The only changes from the 2012 version are the names and date.

Fees The board annually sets the fees for administrative services such as copies. There are two changes this year. One eliminates the permit fee for demo debris permits since these are no longer issued. The other is for photocopies allowing the treasurer to provide a volume discount for large amounts of copies and/or supplying their own paper.

Dog Registrations We have over 90 folks who have not reregistered their dogs by the end of January. Usually we send reminder letters in February but have waited until March to do so. A $25 late fee is required by law. I spoke with the head of the Animal Welfare unit with the State of Maine yesterday (3/12) and he suggested having an amnesty day to waive or reduce the late fee, and maybe try to schedule a rabies clinic with that. There are two clinics the Small Animal Clinic is holding on April 5 th & 6 th (we're open both days). Jennifer is not opposed to the amnesty day. However, we have charged a few people the late fee already (as required) to register their dogs late, and I'm not sure how fair this would be to them. (There are 7 as of this writing). Let's discuss the idea at least.

Drug Take Back Day The Hancock County Sheriff's Department would like to use the town office to collect unused prescription drugs on April 27, 2013 while we're open from 8-12. A deputy would be stationed here with a collection container and PR would go out ahead of time. I've agreed with the Chief Deputy to do that (I think that's my Saturday to work).

Lamoine Quarterly I will get started on this after town meeting and hope to have some of it done by your meeting. The plan is to have a final version done by the April 4 th meeting for publication after board approval.

Snow Plowing Contract The prior board has given approval to the contract documents for the next 3-to-5 years of snow plowing. A final vote to seek bids should be taken and the advertising will begin. Copies of those documents are in your packet.

Vacancies Thanks to Nate's election and a couple of other situations (non-attendance) the following vacancies exist:


Prior Holder

Term Expires

Budget Committee

Deborah Verrill-McFarland

June 2013

Local School Advisory Cmte

Nathan Mason

June 2013

Local School Advisory Cmte

Tammy Dickey

June 2014

Parks Commission

Nathan Mason

June 2013

Joint Muni Board Shellfish

Richard Fennelly, Jr.

No term

Because a Selectman would essentially be appointing one's self, selectmen should not be serving on the boards with the exception of the Joint Municipal Board which requires a Selectman be appointed (unless town meeting approves the ordinance change). For now, I would recommend that the vacancies be declared for the first four positions listed, and presuming the Shellfish ordinance changes are approved, that Dick be appointed as the JMB member.

Town Meeting Review Close vote! I'm writing this the morning following Election Day and before the open meeting, so I don't know what's going to take place tonight. Let's talk about what happened that might need to be addressed.

Next meeting dates The first and 3rd Thursdays for the next 3-months are listed.

See you on the 21st .