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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 4, 2013

Glad to see spring has arrived (as snow flurries continue outside my office window). Your first meeting in April has a fairly long agenda, but I am in hopes that most of the items won't take long to get through.

Minutes of March 21, 2013 That planned 20-minute meeting went a lot longer. Please review the minutes, and if you could submit written corrections, that would be appreciated. Cynthia has a DVD copy of the meeting to review.

Warrant 19 Nothing terribly earth-shattering on there. The bill to the UPS store was from the Conservation Commission to print the open space reports. The bill to the fire department was to reimburse for a check paid for fire training. The warrant will be updated periodically on the website and the final version printed the day of the meeting. I do not expect a huge warrant this time (the one on the 20 th will have the school bill).

Cash & Budget reports Nothing unexpected so far.

Checking Account Reconciliation I will do that Monday, e-mail it to the board and it should work out OK.

Quarterly Excise Tax Report One of the policies of the board is to provide the Selectmen with a quarterly report on excise tax collections. The quarter closes on Sunday. I should have a report on that for Thursday. I suspect you'll find this past quarter is fairly consistent with past years.

Governor's Response to Budget Resolve The response from Gov. LePage was sent via e-mail to you on Monday. I don't believe anyone from town attended the Appropriations Committee hearing.

Bangor Hydro Private Line Maintenance Because the lines leading to the salt/sand shed and the transfer station are more than 150-feet from their lines and involve poles that we own, the utility is asking if we want to purchase maintenance services on those entrance lines for $5/month each. My advice is to not do that the transfer station line has not failed in the 20-years that it's been there. Same with the salt/sand line.

Paper Talks Rep A gentleman from Paper Talks magazine requested to meet briefly with the board to discuss possibly advertising in the publication. I'm not sure what the town would have to advertise, but it's a pretty cool magazine that features historic photos, and many in the edition for this area feature shots of Lamoine people. Our advertising budget has generally been used for help wanted and public notice ads. We have budgeted $550 and used $16.10 so far this year.

Meeting with Fire Chief As the fire department embarks on the purchase of a new tanker truck, it would be helpful for you, the fire chief, and me to come up with a plan for designing the specs, arranging the financing, and putting things out to bid. I hope to do up a separate memo for all parties involved suggesting a time line.

Gravel & Site Plan Ordinances The opinion from MMA Legal was e-mailed to you on Monday you are obligated to sign the ordinances. My apologies at getting the process backwards the Selectmen should attest ahead of time that this is the ordinance being voted on, and the clerk should attest that the ordinance was approved at town meeting, not the other way around. I should have reviewed the process prior to town meeting.

Format for April 16 workshop A separate memo is in your packet with suggestions for a format, etc. The Planning Board chair has a copy of the memo, and replied that he was under the impression that the workshop would not be as expansive as outlined.

Comprehensive Planning Committee A separate memo is included in your packet outlining my suggestions for committee appointment and their tasks.

Road Sweeping Bid (3 year proposal) The board discussed putting the annual sweeping out for a 3-year bid. I have adjusted the Request for Bids to reflect that. Generally 3 or 4 companies have submitted bids.

Lamoine Quarterly You should have a draft copy in your e-mail and a printed copy is in your packet. Please review and make any written corrections / edits. The plan is to get this to the printer on Friday the 5th.

RSU 24 Withdrawal Update As of this writing on Wednesday morning, March 27, the RSU Withdrawal Committee has reached agreement with the RSU Board. A special meeting is set for tonight to officially approve the agreement. It'll supposedly be signed tomorrow and Gordon Donaldson will take it to Augusta on Friday. We'll await word from the Education Commissioner on the next step.

FOAA Training Elected officials are required to document that they have completed training on the Freedom of Access Act (FOAA). Training simply can be a review of the Frequently Asked Questions document which I have placed in your packet. As your public access officer, I see it as my duty to ensure that the elected officials have done so. We can go over any questions you might have about FOAA and how we handle requests if you'd like. Please review the FAQ's and have your signed documents ready for filing.

That does it for now I might be out of the office on Friday the 29th having very minor surgery on Thursday afternoon (mole removal), but I expect everything should be fine. See you on the 4th .