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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 18, 2013

Happy Spring? At least the crocuses have popped up in front of the town hall, and I saw a few geese flying by recently (headed north). While the weather doesn't seem to be warming much, business is hopping here at the town hall.

Don't forget you've got the workshop meeting two nights before the regular meeting. I suspect the workshop meeting might spark a lot of interest.

This report pertains only to the regular meeting.

Minutes of April 4, 2013 Please look them over written corrections are the easiest for me to correct.

Warrant 20 To be honest, I'm writing this report prior to starting the warrant. I know it will be a large one with the school bill on here. The other bills that have come in so far are routine.

Cash & Budget Report I presume when I run this the excise tax will show that things have picked up a lot. All else should be about where we ought to be. The report will be updated on the website and the printed copy available the day of the meeting.

Investment Reports The investment report for the various funds administered by First Advisors is posted on the website, and the Hodgkins Trust Fund report is also posted there.

RSU 24 Withdrawal Update Gary should have some updated information regarding the voting date and he asked to discuss budget development prior to the vote in November on whether the town would accept the withdrawal agreement.

Deputy Code Enforcement Officer CEO Mike Jordan asked to have this placed on the agenda. He (and I) recommend that Millard Billings of Franklin be hired on a very part time basis to be the Deputy CEO Mike will have a conflict with a project he is likely to be building soon.

Street Sweeping Bid I discovered when I posted this on the website that the date I put on the advertisement that was mailed out was April 20 th . I will mail a corrected ad and memo this (Wednesday) afternoon requesting bids by the 18 th . We already have one bid in and another has called. I suspect the award can be made on the 18 th .

Planning Board Workshop This is on here in case there is any follow up work needed by the Board following this workshop.

Personnel Review Schedule We're getting to the time of year to conduct reviews of your employees. Let's discuss that schedule and any formatic changes you might like to try.

Fire Truck Timeline Chief Smith would like to revise the timeline so that the chassis and body bid RFP's are released simultaneously. He feels comfortable that the specs for both will be ready at the same time. with your permission, I will contact the bond counsel after the 18 th and see if he's comfortable with getting things rolling on July 1st .

Board Goals Discussion Jo requested this item be on the agenda. Perhaps we can set some goals to accomplish by the next town meeting. Try to bring your ideas on what you'd like to see happen. I'll endeavor to prepare something as well.

Request from Chris Norris re Security Guard at School An e-mail from Chris is in your packets and was forwarded to you last meeting the afternoon before the meeting.

A reminder the town office is closed on Monday, April 15th for the Patriot's Day Holiday.

For now, that's all I have. As noted via e-mail, we apparently are going to be served at some point with some sort of suit in regard to the gravel ordinance. As of this writing, the only thing I've seen is an e-mailed press release to the Bangor Daily News.