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For Meeting of May 2, 2013

As April wanes, the most oft asked question in the town office (besides why the meeting room is such a mess) is “is it EVER going to warm up?” I am in hopes that it will this weekend. I'm writing this on Thursday, April 25, 2013.

Three folks from the historical society and John Holt assisted us yesterday in making some serious headway into weeding out what goes back into the vault. There is still an awful lot of stuff that needs to be packed away. I am in hopes that it will be done by next Wednesday. The shelving looks great, but we will need to get some dividers to put in to make it work for file storage. I'm also going to look at getting smaller storage tubs for some things as many of the filing tubs are too tall for the shelves. We will have some surplus filing cabinets and other items that I plan to store in the Anderson Garage. I'll put disposal of that on a future agenda.

As you know, there have been some e-mail issues with messages coming to and from the town office. Brett Jones says it's because out server hooks into Time Warner and uses a Time Warner IP address that is not identified as but as roadrunner, some of the anti-virus programs will bounce back e-mail sent to the domain. I've called Time Warner to see if they could take care of that, but much of the e-mail is still being bounced.

I'm pretty excited for this Saturday the 27th which is my shift at the town office. Not only is the Hancock County Sheriff's Department setting up a prescription drug return site here that morning, Friends of Acadia is organizing a roadside cleanup in town for that day. Should be plenty busy!

Minutes – You have three sets of minutes to review if you would – the workshop meeting with the Planning Board on the 16th , the regular meeting on the 18th , and the executive session meeting on the 23rd . If you could make written changes as needed, that would be appreciated.

Expenditure Warrant 21 – The largest bill on here will be the shelving – about $5,800. I put the water testing shipping and ice cost on the town's debit card (less than $30 total). There will be a payroll on here as well as the April payroll taxes, but it should be a fairly small warrant.

Cash & Budget Report – Excise tax collections continue to be very strong. Everything else is about where it should be for the budget. I encourage questions about the budget report.

Checking Account Reconciliation – If all goes well, it will be done on May 1 and I will e-mail it to you.

Fire Truck Chassis Bid – You have the bid specs in your packet. The plan is to have the recommendation from the fire chief back by May 13 for recommendation on the 16 th . I've not yet spoken to the bond counsel, but plan to do so next week. I will also be putting an ad in the Ellsworth American to appear on Thursday that the RFP and specs are available from the town website. Please look over the RFP and get any changes you think might be necessary to me prior to the meeting.

Snow Plow Bid – The bids are due the day of your meeting. There has been a fair amount of interest in bidding on this. I look forward to receiving them

Appointments – The need for a Deputy Code Enforcement Officer is coming up. Millard Billings from Franklin has expressed a willingness to serve in this capacity. He is well qualified (he's soon to retire as the Town Manager in Tremont and was recently hired as the Unorganized Territories Administrator for Hancock County). I would recommend that he be appointed, as would Mike Jordan.

Comprehensive Planning, Planning Committee – The following people have expressed interest in serving on this committee:

You had specified a 7-member committee, so you have some choices to make.

RSU 24 Withdrawal – An e-mail notice of conditional acceptance has come in to the town office, and we await the official mail. Apparently, the RSU will hold a hearing on May 20, 2013 at the school on the proposed agreement as Gary explained last meeting.

I have written up a separate memo on budget development.

Mowing Offer – Richard McMullen has offered to keep mowing the town office, parks, Anderson Garage and Salt/Sand shed at the same price as the last few years. I would recommend accepting the offer.

Road Matters – The bids were opened this week for the joint paving program, and B&B Asphalt of Hermon was the apparent low bidder at $76.55/ton. That's a very good price (we had budgeted $100/ton). Roger Picard informs me they'll be paving the fire station parking lot, Lamoine Beach Parking Lot, Clamshell and Cos Cob the 2nd or 3rd week in May.

At the League of Towns meeting this week, the MDOT was present to update on paving plans among other things. The regional manager says they will be shimming Route 184 in North Lamoine prior to paving it with the “skinny mix” – he drove on the road and found it was in dire need of shim, so that's pretty good news. That paving will likely occur in mid-June.

My hope is to hit the local roads here in the next few days (if the sun will ever come out), repair some street signs and get a work list ready for the spring and summer. If I succeed, that list will be ready for your meeting.

Gravel Suit – I expect an answer will be filed by the town attorney by the deadline. If there is anything that should be discussed on that publicly, this would be an opportunity to do so. If, for some reason, the attorney needs more direction from you, that would occur in executive session. He has not contacted me to request anything at this point.

Meeting Dates – Mrs. McCann at the school thinks it would be a great idea for an assembly. She will have the 3rd through 8th graders meet with the board on Friday, May 24th at 12:45 PM. School dismisses at 1:30 PM.

You set the July meeting for the 11th a few weeks ago. We've not set a date for August. The Thursdays are 1,8,15, 22 and 29. Maybe the 15th ?

Executive Session – As noted above, the attorney is not scheduled to meet with you as of this writing. It's personnel review time, and I'll be happy to give this a test run. The sheet you use for that are in your packet.

Baseball season is in full swing for me now – booked pretty much every night through next Wednesday.

That's all for now – I will see you Thursday.