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For Meeting of May 16, 2013

As I write this on May 8th , it's a beautiful spring day. Iris Simon brought in a bunch of tulips, the vault project is pretty much done, and things seem to be in pretty good shape here at the town hall. The fire danger is up and folks have understood about us not issuing burn permits. Maine DOT is working on roads to repair them prior to paving (a novel idea), the State Park has reopened, and business has been pretty good at the town hall. We've even fixed the e-mail here!

Your meeting doesn't look to be all that long, either.

Minutes May 2, 2013 Please review the minutes and submit written corrections if possible.

Warrant 22 This is large in dollars, short in invoices. The school invoice is on here which accounts for almost everything. There will be an invoice from Katahdin Analytical for the water sampling that we did around the landfill for $1,260 (came in after I did up the bills). Payroll will also be included.

Cash & Budget Report The report I ran this morning saw excise tax lagging by less than $2,800! Everything else appears to be tracking OK on both the income and expense side.

Tax Liens We're preparing to send out 30-day notices of unpaid taxes next week. As of this writing, the 2012/13 unpaid taxes total just over $115,000 owed by 137 taxpayers. That's about the usual amount. We have sent letters in the past few weeks to folks who owe very small amounts, and that has resulted in most of those being collected. The official notices will go out next week.

Unpaid Demolition Debris Bill We have only one bill left that has not been paid the disposal took place in 2009 and we've sent repeated bills. The base amount is $329.08 and over $242 in interest has accumulated. I'm not sure how you wish to proceed on collecting this.

RSU 24 Withdrawal The withdrawal committee meets on May 9 th and will likely forward a plan for developing a comparative operating budget to you. The public hearing on the withdrawal plan is May 20th . I've developed a list of questions that I have, but wish to run it by you first. We've also received e-mail from Dick Fennelly with concerns which I forwarded to you and have printed off as well.

Fire Truck Chassis Bid Chief Smith should have at least one bid in hand with a recommendation on Thursday.

Snow Plowing Contract I've informed the bidders of the results and the award. I have asked Richard McMullen to get together with me to draw up the final contract whether that gets done for this meeting remains to be seen. We've got time.

Road Work List I've started compiling a new list of work that needs to be done on the town roads. I should have that done by Friday afternoon in time for your packets. If not, I'll e-mail it next week.

Hodgkins Scholarship Committee There is a June 1, 2013 deadline for the Hodgkins Scholarship Fund awards. We've received a few applications already. The Board should decide which members will sit on that committee to make the awards. I cannot assist you since I still have a daughter who will be applying (she'd better!).

School Assembly Prep As you can see from your packet, the board will meet with students in grades 3-8 on May 24th at 12:45 PM. I hope to have a nice certificate for you to present at that time congratulating the school on its A rating. We should discuss how the meeting should run.

GAT Trade Every year the Municipal Review Committee (MRC) of Penobscot Energy Recovery Company (PERC) offers an opportunity to match the Guaranteed Annual Tonnage (GAT) that a municipality sends to the incinerator in Orrington. Our GAT is presently at 600 tons. Last year we sent 579.13 tons. Our tonnage this year is tracking a bit lower than that. The reimbursement from the MRC is based on the GAT, and there is a penalty if we send less than the GAT. My suggestion would be to lower the GAT from Lamoine to 575 tons.

Meeting with Town Attorney You should have received several e-mails that I forwarded form attorney Dan Pileggi in regard to the gravel suit. He cannot meet on the 16 th , but is available the next two Thursdays. The board should meet with him to discuss a direction for him to proceed.

Next Meetings Don't forget the school assembly on the 24th . I'd like to set an August meeting date if possible. I suspect I'll be asking for a vacation week (maybe two!) in August as well I'll consult with the boss on that.

That's all I have for now. See you on Thursday the 16th .