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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 6, 2013

You are going to have a very busy week next week (I'm writing this Wednesday, May 29, 2013). Remember you're meeting with the Planning Board and town attorney on Tuesday at 6:30 PM. I have blocked this out of my umpiring schedule – it's the first day of playoffs, though!

It's been rather busy here too as we struggled through an injury and lots of rain, a holiday, and other things.

Don't forget the Flash in the Pans event on Monday at the Lamoine State Park. Show begins at 7:30. Fire Department personnel will start cooking dinner by 6PM. Should be a fun time!

Minutes – You'll have 3 sets for approval. Two are printed – May 16, 2013 and May 24, 2013 – the third meeting is the joint executive session with the Planning Board on Tuesday which obviously has not occurred yet. I suspect the June 4 th minutes will be very short.

Warrant 24 –So far there is payroll, May's federal tax deposit, and a couple of fire department bills. This will grow, but it should not be too large, as the school bill is not due until June 20 th so it'll be on the next warrant. Updated versions will be posted on the website periodically as usual.

Cash & Budget Report – Looking at the version printed this morning, we appear to be in pretty good shape entering the final month of the fiscal year. Expenditures are lower than the percent of year passed and revenues are holding pace. I suspect we'll be very close on administration as we had some added expense when Jennifer went on maternity leave and Nancy filled in. Additionally, the legal bill will be up there because of the gravel suit and your meetings with the town attorney. I would note that GA expenditures are significantly smaller than the previous fiscal year.

Checking Account Reconciliation - I should be able to do this on Monday and will e-mail the documents to you prior to the meeting.

Bid Request – Fire Truck Loan – I have drafted a letter to the local banks requesting bids on the fire truck loan. Because of the loan size, we were advised by one bank that they would not require use of bond counsel. A copy is in your packet.

Fire Truck Body Bid – Time Line – With the chassis bid awarded, the next step is to solicit bids for the body of the new tanker. Chief Smith has acquired a rather lengthy list of specifications from the company that built the last four trucks for the department. I believe the plan is to boil this down to a generic form to allow other companies to bid on a design and construction of the truck and we'll work on this. He would like to have the bids back with a recommendation for award at your July meeting.

Special Town Meeting Request – You requested this be placed on your next agenda at the previous regular meeting.

Joint Board Meeting Follow Up – This is on the agenda in the event that some action is needed following Tuesday's meeting.

Website Policy – After the discussion about whether to post the proposed gravel ordinance from Perry Fowler on the website, the board asked that the website in general be discussed. That's a great idea, as I've had a couple of issues that should be addressed. The board wished to discuss what the policy might be on what to post and what not to post. One of the topics is whether “draft” minutes should be posted. Though I'll try to avoid any politics of this, my feeling is that draft minutes are useful, and that those who draft them do a very good job with them. They are a public document generated by the town (either paid staff or volunteer board members). When they are in draft form, they are identified as such and worded subject to correction on the website. I believe this gives the public the opportunity to see what was discussed in a reasonably fast time, and as your public access officer, it's my recommendation to keep posting the draft minutes. I understand the hesitation should there be an error in those minutes, but in the many years that we've had a website and the draft minutes that have been posted have never caused an issue to my knowledge from the errors.

We are asked many times per week where to find the assessing information on the website. Many years ago the Selectmen opted not to post that information because they felt too much private information would be made available too easily. Assessing information is public record. I wanted to revisit whether you wished to reconsider posting it. Mind you, this will require a lot of work to generate and maintain.

A website policy was approved a long time back, too. A copy is in your packet and is posted on the town site (a little difficult to find, mind you). It's probably time to do an update, and perhaps some of the issues above can be placed into the policy. Something to work on over the next few months.

RSU 24 Withdrawal – The withdrawal committee met last night. They've generated a letter for the education commissioner with the final withdrawal agreement. Beyond that, I don't know if they've made a recommendation on who should develop a proposed budget. I suspect Gary can update the board on where things stand.

Hodgkins Scholarship Subcommittee – Looks like June 17th is a date that will work. That's a Monday evening. ***update - can't do that, it's 8th grade graduation night

Commendations for Honors Students – MDI and Ellsworth have supplied the names of the six seniors graduating with honors this year. This is my very favorite event that the board does.

Personnel Appointments – The list of those who wish to be reappointed is attached, and I think fairly self explanatory. For those positions where there might be discussion or no one indicating they wish to fill the position, a blank appointment form will be printed.

Follow Up meeting – School Students – While a bit chaotic at times, this was a great idea and a lot of fun. In the minutes, I put tables of what the students came up with and the teachers and Ann McCann did a great job to keep it organized. The purpose for this is to see if there are any action items the board should follow up on – not necessarily at this meeting but to set some goals for future meetings.

Excess Property Disposal – The Anderson Garage (for lack of a better title) is pretty full of stuff now. I'll try to get an inventory some time of what is there and we really no longer need. How would you like to dispose of some of these items? I'm thinking yard sale, or maybe the fireman's auction. Some of the items (old computers, dead monitors, etc.) should be taken to the electronic waste disposal event.

Executive Sessions

Personnel Review – The transfer station manager will be in for his annual review. The town clerk / tax collector will have hers on the 20th . I'll do up new contracts in the next couple of weeks for those contracted individuals.

Economic Development – This will be very brief to discuss the effort that Jo and I undertook last week and what has developed thus far on that.

Looking forward to the meeting…..stu