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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 20, 2013

This is your last scheduled meeting for the current fiscal year. I'm writing up the report on “Election” night – we're kind of staring at each other as nobody shows up to cast a ballot in the school budget validation. We turned on the audio for the nightly news – no one came in for the entire half hour. At least it was an early night for counting votes.

Your meeting will be far more eventful I suspect.

Minutes – June 5, 2013 – I typed these up based on notes from Cynthia – they are not terribly complex.

Minutes – June 6, 2013 – Please look ‘em over and make written corrections if needed – those are the easiest to track.

Expenditure Warrant 25 – This will be sizable. The postage is for 30-day tax notices (there were 115 of them). The school warrant is on here. We have not yet received the excess tuition bill – it's likely to get here sometime soon. Probably we'll have to move about $175,000 over from the investment account to cover the bills. The latest legal bill ($1,350) is also on here.

Cash & Budget Report – We might get a little tight on administration. The larger bills we're waiting for will be for tax mapping and appraisal work, the remainder of my salary for the fiscal year, and payroll taxes. The legal bills were hefty this year.

Encumbrances – I will likely request that some funds from the current fiscal year be encumbered for projects that we planned this year but for one reason or another did not get done. Most of these will be for road projects.

Fire Truck Loan Bids – I sent bids to 8 area banks and await the offers . They are due the night of the meeting – this should be pretty easy to award.

Appointments – The Planning Board appointment was tabled from last meeting. The other big matter is the Education Planning Committee. I have started to contact potential members (was hoping to buttonhook some after voting, but only one came in, though he agreed to serve on it).

Request for Town Meeting – Perry Fowler (Gravel Ordinance) – I know a petition is circulating to force the ordinance from Perry to a town meeting vote. You asked to table this last meeting in order to give the Planning Board a chance to discuss it and so you could have a conversation with Perry. If a petition is submitted, the process would generally be to submit the signatures to the town clerk for verification and if there are enough valid signatures, place it before the municipal officers. If the petition asks for an open town meeting (I've not seen the wording), you have 60-days to call it. If it asks for a referendum, the petitioned question would go on the next printed ballot (we have one coming up in November).

Contracts – I will do up new contracts for those personnel who work under a contract. The only changes contemplated would be the salary. My contract runs two more years, but generally you have signed an acknowledgement of what the updated figure is for the coming year as it concerns accrued vacation, sick time, and the updated salary.

Returnables – I feel a little sheepish on this one. I didn't check the beneficiary list before putting the latest batch before you last meeting and discovered when updating it that the Grange was already designated for September, and the application that was submitted will designate the Grange for November as well. The rules say that no organization can apply more than once in a 12-month period, unless there are fewer than 12-months designated. In the case of the Grange, the beneficiaries were designated only through September. Your call.

Cable TV Buildout – Time Warner has made a proposal to run cable down Seal Point Road and out Lydia's Lane. It's pricy. It's in your packet. The CTV fund stands at just under $40,000.

Comprehensive Plan Update – The planning committee is meeting this Thursday (the 13 th ) for their organizational meeting. I have received a lot of files from both Inland Fisheries & Wildlife and the Comprehensive Planning guy at the State that is very helpful already – and we haven't even asked. This is kind of exciting.

Lamoine Quarterly – If all goes well, I'll get it started this week.

Vacation – My wife is taking the first week of July off (we're not going far), and I would like to join her for that. I also would like both ends of the weekend of the 13th and 14th (Friday the 12th and Monday the 15th ) – the excitement there is that I'll be umpiring American Legion games in Calais and Millinocket on those days! My contract calls for 15-days of vacation, and I've accumulated 4 so far.

Executive Session – Jennifer is the final performance review to conduct.

See you on Thursday.