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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of July 11, 2013

It's a rainy Friday morning as I write and just a reminder that I'm on vacation next week (the week of the 4 th ). That's why this is posted so early.

This is the first meeting of the new fiscal year, and it requires a transition of sorts on my end for the financial reporting.

Let me also caution that I'm nowhere near done with the Lamoine Quarterly for July (3-pages thus far) as it has been extremely busy at the office for some reason.

Minutes Please review both sets. In a conversation with Cynthia, I heeded her advice and did not go into great detail on your conversations with the various appointee candidates on the 25th . Written corrections are most appreciated.

Heating Fuel Bids The Selectmen from Sullivan and Hancock may or may not attend the meeting as we open the bids. It would be my recommendation to make an award that evening July for the past few years has been a good month to get prices and lock them in.

Warrant 1 Quite frankly, I've not started this one, but this is where we pay some of the one-time payments (library, social service agencies, YMCA, ambulance contract). Many of the bills on here will be accounts payable which are leftovers from the FY 13 fiscal year. What that means is that I've booked the expense for FY 13 which will be reflected in that budget and they're carried forward to this warrant. Some of the bills are a bit slow getting in. The school warrant for July will be on here, but not payable until the 20 th . It will likely require a transfer from investments, as the tax commitment is planned just after your meeting.

Cash & Budget Reports The FY 13 budget is looking strong for right now. Auto Excise collections this past week put us over budget for the first time in a few years. We're just slightly behind on watercraft excise. The only real revenue center in which there was a lag is investment interest. Overall, revenues are well ahead of budget. On the expense side, nothing has gone over budget, even with all the legal bills. The staff has done a good job keeping expenses down, even though we did not make any special effort to request that.

The FY 14 Budget report has yet to be produced. I have to build a new spreadsheet for that, and it takes a bit of time to do that. I should have one ready for you on the 11 th .

Checking Account Reconciliation This will be e-mailed before the meeting for your review. I do not anticipate any issues.

Mileage Policy The current rate is a hybrid of the IRS Rate and the State rate. The IRS increased to 56.5 cents/mile. The state rate remains at the 2009 collective bargaining level of 44, which would make the reimbursement rate 50.25 cents/mile. Rounding would keep it at $0.50/mile.

Excise Collections Report this will be updated when the fiscal year ends on June 30. Expecting a very good number!

Fire Truck - The loan was closed yesterday (June 27) and the money is deposited in the investment account fire truck reserve. We'll need funds from that when the chassis arrives in late July.

Chief Smith should have at least two bids for the body by the bid deadline on July 8th . He will open and analyze and make a recommendation to you for the meeting.

Marlboro Cemetery I'm not sure where things stand in regard to re-forming the Marlboro Cemetery Association. The town has incurred some expense for tree removal and grass cutting at the cemetery which would supposedly be owed by the association. I suspect Gary can give us an update.

Appointment Policy Goals This was requested to be on the agenda at the last two meetings, so it's something we can discuss. I will be glad to draw up a policy if you'd like, but the general ideas need to be agreed to by the board. I suspect that can happen, and something can be ready to sign in August.

Letter to Lydia's Lane/Seal Point re cable I'll have something drafted up for the meeting.

Lamoine Quarterly As mentioned above it's not done. It is my next task.

That's all for now. I suspect there will be an addendum as things crop up between now and the meeting date.