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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of August 1, 2013

The summer seems to be flying by, though it looks like August may be a little slow for town action in the office other than tax collections. You have just the one meeting scheduled until the 2 nd Thursday in September. I'm trying to put as many of the anticipated bills on this expenditure warrant as possible, but I suspect there will have to be an individual warrant signing sometime later in August.

The meeting agenda looks relatively straight forward.

Minutes of July 11, 2013 Please look them over and prepare any written corrections if possible.

Warrant 2 This is one of the larger warrants you'll have this year because the school payment and the fire truck chassis payment are on this. The warrant will be updated periodically on the website. As of this writing (Thursday, July 25th ) the warrant stood at about $280,000. We also have the oil pre-pay on this, and between those, they add up to $260,000 of the warrant. The rest of the bills are routine thus far.

Cash & Budget Reports The on-line color version has some different colored lines to reflect the revenue and expenditure lines for the fire truck. The tax commitment is done (no increase in rate!) and those figures are now entered into the revenue budget. The printed version is in black and white, but we're doing OK. Property taxes are starting to trickle in, and we expect good collections by mid-August. The school bill is not due until the 20th , and I do not anticipate having to move anything from the investment account to cover that.

Checking Account Reconciliation You're meeting on August 1st , and the bank statement comes out that date. Provided that it's not too busy here, I will attempt to get the reconciliation done after generating the state reports. If it's done, I'll e-mail the reconciliation prior to the meeting with a printed copy available at the meeting. If not, you'll have to wait to sign the review in September.

Investment Management Reports Those are posted on line for your viewing pleasure.

Transfer Station Operations Manual The latest DEP inspection report has requested an updated operations manual to reflect collection of fluorescent bulbs. Bill & I have reviewed the manual and corrected several other things in it to bring it up to date with current practice. A copy is in your packet, and a signature is required if you please.

Local Road Assistance Acceptance We're required by Maine DOT to officially accept the road assistance amount and to return that form to them by August 1 st . They mailed it in mid July. The good news is the amount is increasing slightly from the previous year to $24,524. We had budgeted $21,500.

Gravel Ordinance As e-mailed, the DEP won dismissal as a defendant in the suit. I'll have the court order available if you wish to review it. The Planning Board has several amendments to the ordinance that it is working on. Nothing is finalized yet, but they've done a fair amount of work on potential amendments.

Framed Photo Gift Jerry Longer of Walker Road dropped off a photo that he had framed up as a gift to the town. If you should vote to accept it, a nice thank-you card would be in order. The picture is of the Portland, a steamship which has quite a rich history and met its tragic end in 1898 running between Boston and Portland with 200-people on board. Mr. Longer found the print in the swap shop of the transfer station.

Waste Oil Agreement Ellsworth The Maine DEP has made $500,000 available for water conservation and protection projects, and Lamoine is one of the community areas affected. I've copied some of the material for your packets. I would suggest that this be referred to the Conservation Commission.

Appointments Policy Surprisingly, most other municipalities do not have a particular policy on how they appoint personnel to municipal positions (or at least they didn't share them.) You will have a draft policy to start with for your meeting. We can discuss it. (that's one of my next tasks).

MMA Ballot The officers for the Maine Municipal Association are elected each year. No contested races are listed but the ballot must be received by mid-August.

Fire Truck Purchase Status The chassis has not yet arrived it should in the next couple of weeks. The fire chief signed a contract with K&T Environmental to construct the body as approved by the Selectmen last meeting. There is one change to the design which will put the project about $1,800 over budget, which the fire department has agreed to fund. It involves the quick dump options on the tank, giving three outlets (one on each side and one on the rear), instead of a swiveling, electronic single dump on the rear. The fire department cut the down payment check of $18,000 which is booked as a donation and a fire truck purchase expense.

Education Planning Committee This committee has selected Perry Fowler as the chair, Nathan Mason as vice-chair and Robin Veysey as the Secretary. They meet on the 29th to start crunching numbers. The Ellsworth American has a brief article in today's paper I understand. They've gathered budgets from five communities and the Lamoine budget figures which should help.

Comprehensive Plan Planning Committee This committee meets tonight after I write this report. They plan to meet with a state official on August 7th .

Other There is one other matter for discussion which involves the transfer station, which should use some discretion. I'll explain at the meeting.

See you Thursday