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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of September 12, 2013

Happy late summer I'm finding it hard to believe that it's nearly Labor Day already. I've missed you folks it will have been nearly a month and a half since meeting thank you for coming to sign an expenditure warrant last week.

We've been extremely busy at the town office as property taxes are due this week. (I'm writing this report August 29th ). Beyond that, though, this has been a very enjoyable summer, very few citizen inquiries that we've received and nothing that we can't handle.

Despite the lack of meeting time, there has not been much going on that requires Board action, and the agenda is relatively short.

Minutes of August 1, 2013 Please look them over and written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 3 This was relatively large and I supplied a copy to you. If you back out the $400,000 transfer to the investment management account, though, this is one of the smaller warrants for the year. Please ask any questions you might have about the warrant.

Warrant 4 This will also be large as the school warrant and the county tax bill will be on here. We should still have some leftover cash to transfer into the investment account, and my plan is to also fund those accounts that require fund additions (i.e. insurance deductible, revaluation, etc) that town meeting approved. Operations wise, there is nothing unusual on the warrant at this time.

Checking Account Reconciliation That's available September 3rd and I will e-mail the reconciliation documents when they are done.

Small Claims Court The paperwork for the small claims court case against the gentleman who has not yet paid his bulky was bill was mailed to him by first class mail with the hope that he would sign and return the claim. That has not happened. The next step will be to go to the court and request that he be served by a deputy which is pretty expensive.

Audit The auditors will be here on September 5 th . I've closed the books on last year for them, and a final report is in your packet. I also plan to make the account adjustments in the investment management accounts to reflect the fiscal year end balances, and that will be listed out as part of the warrant.

Outstanding Personal Property Tax We have a few sizable personal property bills that have not been paid in the last couple of tax commitments. I'd like to discuss what options are preferred in attempting to collect the taxes. The lien process is not an option, and filing a UCC statement with the Secretary of State's office is costly, in effective, and there are issues with that, too.

2011/12 Personal Property Schedul







OCE Financial





2012/13 Personal Property Schedule













Map 1 Lot 28-1 In your packets is a piece of correspondence, a memo to MMA Legal and their reply and a letter to a resident in regard to a claim that they no longer own a piece of property. There is no action required by the Board of Selectmen, this is merely informational at this point, but I suspect that in about a year and a half there will be an issue when the tax lien matures.

School Withdrawal Vote The Town meeting warrant for November 5th is ready to be signed. I presume you do not wish to place anything else before the voters on this date (other than whatever statewide referendum is scheduled). The wording of the article is verbatim from the law.

You also are required to hold a public hearing at least 10-days before the vote. I would suggest that this be done at the school gym as it is likely to be well attended. You have regular meetings in October on the 10th and 24th , both of which are at least 10-days before the vote. Nathan can probably fill in the Board on what the Education Planning Committee is thinking in that regard.

Appointments The Conservation Commission opening will be filled by current alternate member Doug Stewart and Linda Penkalski has agreed to fill the alternate position if you concur. Doug served on the RSU Withdrawal Committee, Linda is a retired educator, having spent a great deal of time at Sumner High. She also hosted sessions sponsored by the Conservation Commission on star watching in the past few years.

Cece Ohmart offered to serve on the Comprehensive Plan Planning Committee that committee is already up and running and has a Budget Committee member on board.

Appointment Policy The redraft of the proposed policy is done if you want this to move forward, please give your blessing and we'll offer it out for comment at your next regular meeting before final adoption.

General Assistance Ordinance Annually the Selectmen are required to update the figures in the G-A Ordinance, and things changed in July, but we've not caught up with that yet (shouldn't affect us much, we have few cases). A public hearing is required, and I would propose this be done at your September 26, 2013 meeting.

Updates There is a memo in regard to recycling containers at the transfer station. This should save money and be far more efficient.

The new truck chassis is in Island Falls and being built as I type. No ETA for an in service date yet. It is insured and registered.

Three of the fire trucks failed their commercial inspection this week, and have been repaired and now comply with inspection. One of the bay doors at the fire house failed during that process when a cable snapped. That too has been repaired. There will be some bills for that.

We got two estimates for pressure washing the town hall the lower was for $425. That is within my purchasing authority and the other was for $650. I've notified Harmon's Pressure Washing that the job will be theirs.

The crack sealing company should start work just after Labor Day on Shore Road and Mill Road. I'll have a new road project list out by meeting time still working on it.

Next Meetings - Budget Committee I've proposed to the Budget Committee that they hold their organizational meeting on the 26th to coincide with the Selectmen's meeting. They would select officers and set the meeting schedule. You would have a chance to discuss goals with them.

You have agreed to meet on September 24th with the attorneys involved in the gravel ordinance suit 7PM is the planned time.

Your 2nd and 4th Thursday schedule would have you meeting on Thanksgiving Night. That's not an option in my humble opinion. Any thoughts?

See you September 12th .