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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meetings of September 24 and 26, 2013

Remember, you have two meetings this week. Tuesday's also starts at 7PM at the town hall. I double checked with Dan Pileggi and it must be in open session as advised previously. There are likely to be audience members here, and the chair will conduct the meeting.

I don't know of any emergent matters for the Tuesday agenda that can't wait until Thursday, but you never know.

Thursday's meeting should not be all that lengthy unless there are things that crop up in the course of action.

This is an extremely busy time for training. I attended voter registration training (mandatory) yesterday in Bangor, Jennifer is at elections training (also mandatory) today in Bangor. I'll be attending a road commissioner's training session on Monday in Brewer. I'll also be out of the office Tuesday for much of the day for the League of Towns meeting on Swan's Island. We've got more training in October, and that should be it for a while.

As mentioned via e-mail, Jennifer will be out of the office from September 30 to October 2, and Nancy Jones will fill in for those 3-days.

Minutes The September 12, 2013 minutes are done, but obviously since this is being written on September 19, 2013, the minutes from September 24, 2013 are not available. I will do my best to have them done in time for the meeting and posted on-line for your review.

Warrant 5 Compared to the last couple of warrants, this will be mild. No school warrant, no county tax, no investment transfers. So far the biggest bills are for crack sealing, auditing contract, tax mapping and payroll. The warrant will be updated periodically prior to the meeting.

Cash & Budget Reports Office traffic has slowed up since taxes were due, but we're still on the plus side of excise tax collections. No concerns so far.

Health Insurance I don't know if Obamacare is any good for employees, but it sure has been a boon for the paper industry. We have to provide notice to all employees of what insurance the town offers. In your packet is the notification that I would propose to provide to the paid employees. Please make sure this meets with your expectations (it's a federal form).

General Assistance This is an annual process to update the figures in the ordinance that is used when processing applications for assistance. In the 20-years that I've been here, no one has ever testified at the hearing and I don't anticipate that will change this year. After the hearing closes, I would recommend that you adopt the new figures.

Road Work List I had intended to have this up for approval last meeting, but I didn't remember to bring it up, even though the list was in your packet. I've reprinted the list and added one project that was not done this summer on Buttermilk Road. We should have plenty budgeted for all the projects listed, though I've asked Jay Fowler to get me prices on the storm grates for Buttermilk and Mill Roads.

Appointment Policy I have e-mailed all the town committees with the proposed appointment policy asking for comment. The policy should be ready for adoption at this meeting.

Appointments/Resignations Jane Fowler has tendered her resignation from the Budget Committee as an alternate member for personal reasons.

Transfer Station Fill In Bill informs me that Paul Davis is not interested in filling in at the transfer station any more, but Adam Sargent is. I've checked with Adam, and he's willing to do that if needed. As you may or may not know, Adam lives just across the road from the facility, and should do a fine job.

Lamoine Quarterly I hope to make a substantial start on the paper. So far, I haven't.

RSU 24 Withdrawal Report The Education Planning Committee should wrap up their work on Monday the 23rd and produce a report for the Selectmen for your review. I'll pass that out on the 24th and place it on line ASAP.

You have the official public hearing set for October 24th , but there was mention of an informational session in addition to the official hearing. I'm not sure how you wish to handle that.

Gravel Suit Meeting follow up You might have some actions to take following Tuesday's meeting, or at least something to discuss. This is on here in case that is needed.

Budget 2014/15 tis getting to be time to put the budget together. The Budget Committee will meet with you on October 10. I plan to send out the notices to the various social service agencies with their applications next week.

Meeting Schedule Things are getting a little funky with the 2nd and 4th Thursday schedules. The 4th Thursday in November is Thanksgiving I suspect you really don't want to meet then. The 4th Thursday in December is the day after Christmas, and I'm not sure if that's a night you really wish to meet. Let's discuss it.

That's all for now. We'll see a lot of each other in the next week.