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Administrative Assistant's Bi-Weekly Report

For Meeting of October 10, 2013

I'm not sure why, but for some reason I've been getting quite backed up with work in the past 2-weeks. A lot of stuff is happening all at once, and I've been plodding to get the Lamoine Quarterly written on top of that.

You've got a pretty busy agenda for the 10th , and things are gearing up for the RSU withdrawal vote in November.

Nancy Jones filled in for Jennifer who took three vacation days this week. I will be out of the office tomorrow (10/4/13) to participate in the Friends in Action Golf Tourney. I have 19-hours of comp time due from the previous pay period, so this will be taken as that.

Minutes You have two sets to review. September 24, 2013 was the meeting with the gravel pit attorneys et al, and September 26, 2013 was your previous full meeting. If you could submit written corrections that is most helpful.

Warrant 6 This will be larger because the school bill is on here and chances are we will have to transfer about $80,000 from investments to checking to cover the checks.

Cash & Budget Report A few of the expenditure accounts are running slightly ahead of the percentage of the year passed, mainly because some of the payments are made at the head of the year instead of evenly spread. At this point, I'm not concerned, but will keep a close watch on the Administration and Parks accounts. Parks should wind down as winter approaches. On the revenue side, excise tax collections are very good.

Checking Account Reconciliation - This was e-mailed to you on October 1 st and the full statement was e-mailed October 3 rd . Please let me know if there are any questions.

Excise Tax Quarterly Report Hard copies are in your packet and the electronic copy is updated on the website.

Budget Committee This meeting will serve as a joint meeting with the Budget Committee. It's a chance for both to talk about the budget, the Budget Committee to elect its officers and to set a schedule.

Conservation Commission Chairman Larry Libby will be here to discuss the trail grant application. The Commission has also requested to store their archived materials in the vault. The way those items are organized will not allow them to easily fit on the shelves, and none of the material is required to be permanently stored. There is a file cabinet drawer in the vault or in the back office that would be suitable for that. If they store the archives in the vault, they would not have access for their meetings. If the material is stored out back, access would be a lot easier. Let discuss it, briefly.

Appointment Policy The policy is in your packets with the latest draft. Included is the statement that appointees serve at the pleasure of the Selectmen (that was included elsewhere in the document). I also added language to indicate that Selectmen are not obligated to re-appoint volunteer appointees, which should satisfy the concerns raised last meeting.

Fill In Transfer Station Attendant No other folks have offered to serve in this capacity since last meeting. I would urge you to approve Adam Sargent.

Gravel Ordinance Update The two offered amendments from the Planning Board were in last meeting's materials. They are working on a 3 rd regarding an escrow account, and I still have some heartburn about this. The memo in your packet was given to the board at its October 1 meeting. There is also an e-mail from the town attorney regarding other possibilities. To date, we've not received the proposed amendments from the plaintiffs.

Automobile Graveyard Hearing I have yet to receive the applications from Pro-Auto. If they are not in by meeting time, the recommendation would be to tentatively schedule the hearings on November 7, 2013 if complete applications are received prior to October 24, 2013. If no completed application is received, the CEO will be notified.

Map 1 Lot 28-1 At the meeting with Mr. Salisbury last time, you indicated that some follow up with an attorney and some communication to him from the tax collector may be forthcoming. There was no direction given as to what the Board desired to have happen from staff after the meeting with him concluded. Please provide some direction if you care to.

Lamoine Quarterly If all goes well today (Thursday, October 3, 2013) this should be ready for review by the end of the day. Because the Karst dinner is the 13 th , I'd like to get it printed post haste. I apologize for taking so long to compose it.

RSU Withdrawal Apparently the Local School Advisory Committee and the Education Planning Committee agreed to host a community informational forum on October 17 th , though I don't recall either committee meeting to discuss such an event. Gordon has booked the town hall for the 17 th , and the plan is to televise it. The official public hearing is the week after (the 24 th ) and Kendall should be able to record both the Selectmen's meeting and the public hearing for the CTV system.

As mentioned previously, at least 451 ballots need to be cast. Here's the state law:

9.  (TEXT REPEALED 1/1/15) (TEXT EFFECTIVE UNTIL 1/1/15) Required vote.   Before the municipality may withdraw from the regional school unit, the withdrawal agreement must be approved by a majority vote of those casting valid votes in the municipality, and the total number of votes cast for and against withdrawal at the municipal vote must equal or exceed 50% of the total number of votes cast in the municipality for Governor at the last gubernatorial election.

This subsection is repealed January 1, 2015.

There are some provisions depending on the number of votes cast and the outcome that come into play as follows:

10.   Restriction on withdrawal petitions.   A municipality within a regional school unit may not petition for withdrawal within 2 years after the date of:

A. A municipal vote on a petition for withdrawal if the petition received less than 45% of the votes cast; or

B. A municipal vote on a withdrawal agreement if the agreement received less than 60% of the votes cast.

Item B is the November 5th vote. There has been some suggestion that the town should promote voter turnout. While that is a laudable goal, I'm not sure what the proper role for the town office should be. Let's discuss that.

On Line Policy Thanks to Cynthia for drafting up a new policy for the website. I've not had a chance to read it over, but may get to it after finishing the Quarterly.

That's the run down for the next meeting. We'll see you on Thursday.