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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of November 7, 2013

Brrr…it's starting to feel like autumn finally. The furnace has been kicking on frequently this week.

We're starting to see a fair amount of absentee balloting prior to next Tuesday's big vote, but so far the numbers are not that high. With just two days left before the request deadline, we've seen about 25 absentee ballot requests/votes. Sometimes we are able to gauge the turnout based on the number of absentee ballots cast, with between 15 and 20 percent of the ballots being by absentee. If we have a conservative estimate of 10-percent, that would place the turnout at about 250-voters. There has been a fair amount of campaign activity in the past week, so it'll be interesting to see what the actual turnout is, and the vote outcome.

Minutes – October 24, 2013 – A printed copy is in your packet. I've tried to condense them a bit when it comes to the public hearing as you'll notice. If you want more detail, I can go to the DVD and try.

Warrant 8 – This will be a sizable one as the RSU 24 bill is included. So far payroll, the plow bill for a net of $37 (salt & sand ate up most of this first payment), and tax lien discharges.

Cash & Budget Report – I looked through the administration budget to see why it's trending a bit ahead of the amount of the year that has passed. We have some front loaded expenses (audit, insurance premiums, tax mapping) that have pushed this forward. So far no reason for concern. Otherwise, things are about normal.

Foreclosure Notice List – We can send foreclosure notices on October 31 st . We must send them by November 14 th . I plan to wait until after November 3 rd as several on the list have indicated they would be paying when they receive their checks on the 3 rd . I will print a list of those that remain on the list of unpaid 2011/12 taxes for your meeting.

Personal Property Tax Collections – I spoke with Tony Beardsley about this and will write a separate memo on this for you, the assessors and Jennifer.

Audit Contract Extension – When compiling the budget, I noticed that our contract with Jim Wadman had expired. He has sent an offer. This is a less than $5,000 item and therefore not required to go out to bid. I'm very satisfied with their work and recommend continuing the relationship for another 3-years.

Hodgkins Trust Update – We received a check for $8,102 from the Hodgkins Trust. That puts the fund in excess of $22,000. We can discuss that in the budget workshop.

Automobile Graveyard Permits – No big change in the two auto graveyards. Mike Jordan inspected them and reports the number of vehicles appears to be fewer than in previous years and the facilities are compliant with local and state rules. (See application - Map 5 Lot 2 Map 20 Lot 20)

Election Outcome – I don't need to tell you that this is a very big election, and there are numerous outcomes that will potentially trigger action. My plan is to wait until Wednesday the 6 th to figure out what, if anything, the town will be required to do, so it'll be a bit of a scramble to compile something for Thursday.

Town Meeting Warrant – As noted in the previous paragraph, we may or may not need to do some action in a hurry. We have the county government veterans' check issue that would also go on a warrant. If, for some reason, that is the only issue, I would propose a special town meeting for your next meeting in November to get that over with.

Comprehensive Plan, Planning Committee – A final report has been produced, and is in the process of being signed. They did a great job gathering information and are recommending that this be put to town meeting with a 2-year budget of $15,000.

On-Line Policy – Cynthia has drafted up a new on-line policy that is a lot more reader friendly than the current policy which is many years old. A copy will be in your packet.

Meeting with Dept. of Conservation – Lamoine State Park/Lamoine Beach – A separate memo is in your packet. This was a very pleasant and productive meeting last week.

Gravel Ordinance – I know the Planning Board has suggested a couple of changes and is working on a third. I've outlined the changes proposed by Ed Bearor in spreadsheet form. I'm not sure where we go from here, and have not consulted with the town attorney on that.

Budget Workshop – The budget season starts up soon – the first budget committee meeting is on November 18 th . I will have the administration, solid waste, revenues and capital improvement budgets ready to go for that, pending your approval. The rest of the department heads will get their assignments and requests for budget in the coming days.

Given the amount and type of items on the agenda, this does not look like a short meeting.