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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of November 21, 2013

It's amazing to me how much work can pile up in a week, and even though I checked in each morning to address receipts and e-mail, many things await action as I returned today from a week off (thank you for granting that).

The agenda may not seem long, but it may take some time to address some of the matters.

Minutes Please, if you get a chance, review with written corrections.

Warrant 9 This will be my next task after the agenda and the report. Lots of bills came in during vacation, but I didn't see anything unusual.

Foreclosure Notices We've collected several liens since sending out the notices. I've discharged 14 just today (Monday the 18 th ).

Parks Commission Meeting I've invited the Lamoine Parks Commission to meet jointly with you. It has been quite a while since the commission has had a formal meeting and the chair has resigned, so officers are needed. I will have drafted a letter requesting that the boat ramp at Lamoine Beach be removed and that should be discussed. Former chair Kerry Galeaz drafted up a budget which I've made copies of for both the Selectmen and the commissioners.

Gravel Pit Extension The Planning Board determined it did not have the authority to grant an extension. The Selectmen are charged with enforcing the ordinance. The CEO has sent a notice of violation to the affected pits. All have public hearings set for December and the planning board found the applications complete last week. You might check with Dan Pileggi, but perhaps an extension until 45-days after the public hearings would be in order.

RSU Withdrawal Brett Jones will be present with the thoughts of the Local School Advisory Committee. I haven't listened to their meeting last week (only bits and pieces). Just a caution that only an elected school committee should act on matters concerning education on behalf of the town.

Special Town Meeting Warrant So far, the items that I have planned for the January 7 th & 9 th warrant are:

I will be drafting a warrant in the ensuing days.

Budget until 6/30/14 As the new school board does not have any authority to spend any money at this point, and they'll have to hire a superintendent and have all kinds of other things in place by July 1, the town will have to set some sort of budget. The audit showed $144,439.21 in the education fund. I would not recommend nearly that much, but I have no idea what should be recommended.

On Line Policy This should be ready to sign. Copies are in your packet.

Holiday Hours Generally we have closed at noon on Christmas Eve which is a Tuesday this year. We've closed at 2PM on New Year's Eve, which is also a Tuesday. The Transfer station is usually quite busy the Friday and Saturday after Christmas. I've not checked with Bill, but it would make sense to be open all day on Friday instead of the 12-5 hours. The weekend after New Year's Day would go back to 12-5 on Friday with your blessing.

Town Attorney An executive session to discuss the next steps in the gravel ordinance matter with Dan Pileggi is scheduled on the agenda.

If time permits, it would be good to do another budget workshop, though I don't have much more ready other than what the Budget Committee is discussing Monday the 18 th .