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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of February 13, 2014

This will be the next to last meeting for the Board of Selectmen in its current form. The good news is, the agenda is relatively brief. I will attempt to keep my report to match.

Minutes There are two sets January 23 (they're pretty long as there are several items that are pasted to the end that folks requested be in the minutes, and it makes sense) and February 6 (I'm writing this well before that meeting, but the minutes will be e-mailed to you prior to the meeting).

Warrant 15 There will be an RSU payment on here, so it'll be fairly large. Property taxes were coming in pretty well, so I suspect we'll have a transfer into the general fund investment account instead of a withdrawal. We'll have postage for the tax reminder post cards, office supplies (A new printer for the clerk's office to replace the one the state provided years ago!), $300 in legal fees for the gravel suit, and more I suspect.

Cash & Budget Reports We're still clinging pretty close to budget in Administration; fire seems to be trending higher. Excise tax revenues are holding their own over the winter, which is a great sign!

Tax Acquired Property Status You will have signed a quitclaim deed to Mr. Houmiller for the property on Needles Eye Road the check arrived this week. No response yet on the other parcel in North Lamoine. The property is occupied; I've put insurance on it. I suggest the next step is to turn things over to the town attorney for disposal.

Meeting with cemetery associations As you will recall, we got a bill for $2,800 for care of Veterans' graves in East Lamoine Cemetery after many years of not receiving any bill. Both associations were asked to meet with you regarding the costs which put the parks/recreation/cemetery budget in the red.

Gravel Task Force Update (if any) The task force is holding its organizational meeting in conjunction with the Selectmen's meeting on the 6th .

School Transition/Committee Update The consultant & I have been working together from time to time. I've created an accounting company for the school committee to track what they set up for a budget plan. The bills will still go through the town warrant until such time as the actual business manager is hired and up and running on July 1. Dr. Lucarelli has a tentative timeline for the budget adoption process that I hope will get finalized so that the Selectmen and Budget Committee will have plenty of notice about when the meetings will take place.

Returnables Request The grange has submitted another application. They were the recipients last September and also last March. The next available month is April.

Next Meeting Date(s) - Since I'm finalizing this report prior to your meeting on February 6, 2014, I'm not sure when the next meeting will be set. I would anticipate that much of that meeting would be devoted to town meeting preparation issues.

The School Committee will meet at 6:30 PM on the following dates:

February 27, March 13 and 27, April 10 and 17, May 8 and 22, and June 12 and 26. The intent is for the February 27 meeting to be held jointly with the Hancock School Committee.

At this point, that is everything for the agenda.