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For Meeting of March 27, 2014

Spring is about to spring, but the temperature sure doesn't show it. I'm sorry to report the fire house has used up all of its oil pre-buy and is now paying for any further heating oil deliveries. We haven't used up all the pre-buy at the town hall yet, though.

Remember, your meeting begins at 6PM at the school we should be in the library. There is a lot of stuff to tackle, so a recess is built in at 6:30 to attend the Planning Board hearing on the two Building and Land Use Ordinance questions. After that, we will resume the meeting.

It's going to be tough recording all this for TV. I'm thinking that I'll just set up a camera in each room and roll a tape, then dub it down the next day(s) back at the town hall for re-broadcast. We shall see.

Minutes You have two sets March 6 and March 13. (and I'll reprint the March 6 minutes for the packet). Heather was not part of the board for the first set. Please look over the minutes and if you can make written changes, that is easiest for me to process.

Warrant 18 The annual solid waste report fee is on this warrant, as is the filing for the quitclaim deed on Needles Eye Road. I've held off on filing, waiting for the former owner to sign the declaration of value form, but he has yet to do so. I don't know why. I've tried calling and leaving a message, but to no avail. The biggest bill will be the plowing bill. The warrant will be updated periodically on line and the final warrant will be printed the day of the meeting.

Cash & Budget Reports Nothing unexpected that I see in the budget reports. The fire department may be a little tight by year's end, but most of the big purchases are done. Again, the printed version will be at the meeting the on-line version updated periodically.

Meeting re: tax foreclosure (Map 7 Lot 18-1) The former owner should be present at your meeting. A separate memo was e-mailed to you Monday morning and a copy is in your packet. He also spoke with Gary after he spoke with me, and our stories are consistent the town automatically foreclosed on the property, notified the former owner prior to the foreclosure date, offered the former owner a chance to buy it back, but never got a response, so proceeded to begin the process of disposing of the property. I will have an up to date cost sheet for all to consider on the re-purchase.

Town Meeting June 2014 The town meeting warrant is drafted for June 10, 2014 for a referendum vote and is ready to be signed. I should have a specimen ballot drawn up as well. Absentee ballots would be available no later than May 11, 2014. The public hearing by the municipal officers has to be held at least 10-days before the vote, and advertised at least 7-days before the hearing. I am suggesting that May 22, be the hearing date, as that is your 2 nd meeting in May and falls before the minimum 10-day requirement. You, of course, are free to pick another date.

If the timing is right, this would be where we recess to attend the Planning Board hearing.

Lamoine Quarterly - I've actually gotten the April 2014 Lamoine Quarterly started. There is a lot to write about in this issue, but I don't have a lot of pictures (yet). If all goes smoothly, a draft should be done for the meeting and we should be able to publish before the resumption of the annual town meeting.

Hodgkins Scholarship The applications are now available for the Hodgkins Scholarship and I've posted a link on the town's website. Generally a subcommittee of the Selectmen makes the choices, and it couldn't hurt to name the subcommittee now and plan a meeting date in June. The deadline for applications is June 1.

Planet Aid As promised, a copy of the proposed contract is in your packet. Please look it over. It doesn't seem too complicated and I'm not seeing any particular drawbacks for us.

Request from Steve Salsbury re: monitoring wells Steve's request is pretty straight forward. The Planning Board required his numerous clients to install varying number of monitoring wells in the various pits. It's an expense that they don't wish to incur if potentially the ordinance could change and no longer require said wells. The requirement was for installation by May. The Planning Board will oppose any effort to delay enforcement of that I am told by the chair this (Wednesday 3/19) morning.

Transfer Station Applications We have received at least 5 applications thus far. I would like the board to look them over in executive session and decide whom and when to conduct interviews.

Looks like a pretty busy night.