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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of April 3, 2014

This has been a pretty quick turnaround between meetings sorry about that. I'm happy to report the Flat Top 5K went off without a hitch on Saturday the 29 th with more than 300-runners! It was the nicest day of the year so far. Last night (3/31) not so much the sudden storm forced cancellation of the Gravel Work Group meeting.

This is going to be a very busy stretch for the town, and quite frankly I'll be glad when April is over.

Your agenda is fairly short and perhaps it can be a brief meeting.

Minutes The minutes from March 27 are done up. The video recording did not record the sound my mistake. I've got to come up with a better recording mechanism for the good cameras putting the sound board into the camera directly is not the answer. The planning board hearing took sound directly from the camera microphone, and that was pretty good. Lesson learned! Anyway, look for any corrections if you would and bring written corrections to the meeting if possible.

Warrant 19 I will likely put the RSU 24 payment on this warrant which will make it a big one. As of this writing it is not, but since you don't meet again until after the due date, it makes sense, but I won't transfer money from investments until April 18 th . Nothing unusual on the warrant some training for Mike Arsenault and a fire department member, payroll, month end state reports and the like. Please note the new smart phone is in and operational and the equipment cost is charge to CTV supplies.

Cash and Budget Report We had a monster March for excise tax and were running just slightly behind projections. That's a good sign. We also are up in local road assistance money and it's likely that I will suggest a warrant article for May 22 nd to utilize money from the road fund to cover the ice storm expenses and the escalator in the plowing contract. I'll explain at the meeting.

Checking Account Reconciliation This was e-mailed to you. It balanced very easily again this month.

Excise Tax Report This is posted on line and printed in your packets. The quarterly report is required by town policy at the suggestion of the state auditor.

Disposal of Tax Acquired Property You asked that this be put back on the agenda as a motion to sell the property back to Mr. Griffin failed on a tie vote. As your treasurer, it would be my recommendation to sell the property back and be rid of the hassle of eviction and auction and the ongoing expense. The town attorney is not doing anything at my direction for now. I would recommend the same price as last week ($6,287.31). This builds in the estimated 2014/15 tax as the property would not be assessed as belonging to Mr. Griffin as of 4/1/14 because it automatically foreclosed to the town. I will prepare a quitclaim deed on the chance that you wish to go in this direction.

Public Hearing Notice May 22, 2014 The notice will be ready for signature at your meeting. This will be advertised in the newspaper and posted in the required time frame for the meeting. The hearing will follow the special town meeting for the school budget, potentially at 7:30 PM, whichever is later.

Gravel Pit Well delay request The only reason that I have this on the agenda is to try to ascertain what specifically you wish to ask the town attorney on this matter. I've spoken with Steve Salsbury and he does not plan to be in attendance at the meeting. As e-mailed yesterday, Ed Bearor did not opt to add anything to Steve's request to you. The reason for narrowing the focus for the town attorney is to give him an idea of what you wish to discuss, and this should cut down the amount of billable hours on the matter.

Generator I have obtained estimates from Colwell Diesel, Arthur Ashmore electric and Dead River. The total project cost for a 15Kw generator would be $8,217.10. If you wish to proceed with the project and paying for it from the Cable TV fund, you should give the go ahead to do it. This involves three different contractors and we have done business on a regular basis with all three. I'm not sure that doing a formal bid process on this project is required as it's coming from the CTV fund and the individual parts are mostly under $5,000 (the generator itself was $5,012.95)

Returnables There is a request from Loaves and Fishes food pantry the next available month is November 2014.

Goals There was a request at Thursday's meeting to place this on the agenda again. I know Jo wished to discuss Cable TV opportunities. Since we don't have a lot of pressing business, this might be a good chance to talk more about goals for the year.

Executive Session I've asked Chris Meyer to come meet with you and suggested that he be here at 7:45 PM. He would like it to be in executive session as a personnel matter.

That is all that I have for the moment.