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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of May 8, 2014

My goodness, things are getting busy as we head toward summer. You have a very aggressive agenda. Don't forget the meeting starts with an executive session to consult with the Town Attorney at 6:30 PM, followed by the regular meeting, and then a performance review with the CEO at the end. Luckily, none of these matters in between should take all that long.

Executive Session – Remember a motion and 2 nd must be made citing the specific statutory reference to the executive session. The TV will be scheduled to start at 7PM, not 6:30.

Minutes - The minutes from the previous meeting were fairly extensive. Written corrections are most appreciated.

Warrant 21 – This will be large as the school warrant is included. Also included are the escalator for the plowing contract, propane for the generator project, most likely the electrician bill for that project, and the school plowing bill. I have billed the RSU for that, and will likely have payment before you sign. We will need to move money from investments to cover the school check.

Cash & Budget – We've got roughly two months left in the fiscal year, and while things will be tight, I think we'll be OK. The legal bill for the gravel matter will make administration very close. Excise collections are very good this week.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This was done May 1st and e-mailed to you.

Gravel Permit/Violations – Steve Salsbury has asked whether to expect discussion with the Selectmen following a meeting with the town attorney. I sent you the reply and the interaction with Dan Pileggi surrounding that. I don't know what will happen following the attorney's discussion, so I don't know what there will be to do on this matter.

Gravel Work Group – The group meets May 1st – we should have an update for the meeting from that.

Transfer Station - This was a late addition to the agenda. Chris has obtained a jersey barrier and will put up a sign asking people to stop for verification that they reside in Lamoine. He paid for it and asked that we reimburse. I expressed concern about snow removal and he said it can be moved in the winter. He also had a safety concern about folks whizzing by the swap shop and this should help slow them down.

The other matter is behavior in the swap shop. Chris had expressed concern about behavior of a resident who is a DHHS client. I spoke with his caseworker and she advised that the rules for the swap shop be clearly explained. That will mean developing some policy for the swap shop (we never developed one). I'll try to work on drafting a policy over the next few weeks.

Upcoming Appointments – I've prepared a list of names and positions that will require appointments come June. I have printed off the appointment policy passed last year, and I will be contacting those folks whose terms expire to determine whether they wish to be reappointed, as per the policy.

Technology Advisory Committee – I've printed off a proposal to form a technology advisory committee. I initiated this and ran it by the Cable TV Committee which backs the proposal.

Fire Station Damage Update – Our insurance policy does not cover wet rot, and this appears to be such a case. That's the bad news. The less bad news is that the damage appears to be limited to the headers over the bay doors. Mike Jordan is organizing a work bee on Mother's Day and the carpentry specialists in the fire department will be repairing things. This might involve some “employees” being compensated, but the costs should be less than $1,000.

Flood Maps – We've received updated maps from FEMA for your review. I've put their letter in your packet as well as a fun memo regarding the acronyms contained in the letter. It might not have been the best use of my time, but the letter annoyed me.

Vets Graves Agreement – I've sent this again to Dick Fennelly with the corrections that you picked up last meeting. I spoke with him and hope to hear back soon.

Returnables – We have an application from the Lamoine Baptist Church. The next available month is November 2014.

Mowing – Richard McMullen has offered to hold the prices the same as the past several years.

Heating System RFP – A draft is ready for your review and in your packet.

Comp Planning Committee Ad – A draft of this is also available in your packet.

Personnel Matter – This will be the annual performance review for the Code Enforcement Officer.

See you on Thursday!