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Administrative Assistant's Report

For meeting of August 14, 2014

Where did the summer go? I am paying for taking the last week of July off quite a load of work when I returned. Jennifer reports it was extremely busy that week (I did check in daily and filled in Friday afternoon).

I am writing this just prior to your workshop meeting on August 7. Nancy has been filling in while Jennifer takes this week off. She will be back on the 11 th .

The agenda is relatively light given the length between regular meetings.

Minutes There will be two sets of minutes one is with this packet (July 17, 2014). The others will be from August 7, 2014 which are obviously not done yet. I will post the draft on line.

Warrant 3 Because you are signing a warrant on August 7, there will likely only be a small warrant for the 14 th . All the bills received up to August 6 are included on Warrant 2.

Cash & Budget Reports We should be close to a final report for FY14. The last few bills and receipts are straggling in. Collections for the first few days of August have been very good.

Checking Account Reconciliation This was e-mailed to you earlier this week. Please let me know if you wish to have a hard copy.

Commercial Trash Hauler Bill Concern I am concerned that Rusty Boynton owes more than $1,000 in out of town trash charges and I have not seen any sign of payment from him. I look to you for guidance. I've run off his bill for you.

Remote Check Capture Our bank is offering a device that will allow us to directly deposit checks to our account from the office. This will greatly cut down on the amount of time it takes to make a deposit only requiring cash deposits at the bank instead. It's my understanding that they are waiving fees for municipalities. I've copied the literature for your packet. I will check with Jennifer to see if she's on board with the idea.

Comprehensive Plan Committee Meeting The committee has been invited to hold their initial meeting with the Selectmen. It does not have to be a long session a get to know you, a discussion of some of the goals, and a chance for the committee to know one another and set a meeting schedule is what I have in mind.

Conservation Commission Water Monitoring Grant Proposal I've not yet received anything from the Conservation Commission for their proposed submission to Ellsworth. It's my understanding that perhaps something will come in at the August 7 meeting.

Municipal Review Committee Request for Support The MRC is looking for a letter supporting their efforts at options for trash disposal when the PERC contract expires in 2018. They are currently attempting to license a landfill in the Argyle area. I've placed an e-mail from our rep, Chip Reeves of Bar Harbor, along with a sample letter from Baileyville. In case you do wish to send a letter of support, I will draft up something for signature. There is also correspondence from the other owners of the PERC plant as both sides seem to be jockeying for position.

Flood Map FEMA sure likes to generate paper work. The latest is a letter about the appeal process for the new flood maps. They've sent copies to numerous town officials. We can make the appeal applications available to those affected, and perhaps publicize on the website the appeal process and that new maps are coming.

Gravel Ordinance Workshop Follow Up Depending on what happens tonight (8/7), you may wish to do some more work on the 14 th .

Letter from Friends of Lamoine - This is the letter that arrived the day of your last meeting which you did not have time to address. A copy is in your packet.

Meeting Dates The 4th Thursday in November is Thanksgiving. I'm guessing you don't plan to meet that night (if you do- everyone will have to bring leftovers!).

Executive Session We've had a request from Chris at the Transfer Station to meet with you in regard to some matters there in executive session which falls within the intent of the Freedom of Access Act.

That's it thus far.