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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of September 11, 2014

Happy late summer.  It’s been a very busy few weeks here in the town office and elsewhere.  I’m writing Thursday the 4th of September.  The new furnace system has been installed and the crew was in to clean the heating ducts today.  The good news was the ducts had no mold and were relatively clean – mostly just dust.  The furnace works, the old heating oil tank and furnace are gone and the odor from the heating fuel has dissipated.  We do need to do a lot of dusting in the clerk’s office and my office, and probably all the other offices – I hope to get to that very soon.

The other big project has been installation of the new computer in my office which went a lot slower than I had hoped.  It is up and running (quite nicely I might add) and all the computers in the building are talking to one another nicely for now. 

The meeting agenda for the 11th has a lot of items on it, but I am in hopes that they are not all that time consuming.

August 14, 2014 Minutes – Please make any written corrections as they are most welcomed.

Warrant 5 – This seems large, but $350,000 of it is a transfer from the checking account to investments.  One of my tasks in the next few days is to make a cash flow projection for our investment manager.  Now that we have our own school department, the cash flow situation changes significantly. Your pay is also on warrant 5 along with other town officials who get paid on an irregular basis.  The new furnace is also on here, along with a school warrant.

Warrant 4 - Thank you for signing this last week – the bulk of this was also a transfer into the investment management account.

Cash & Budget Reports – What should be the final report for FY 2014 is printed and in your packets.  The FY 2015 report is posted and updated on the website periodically. A printed copy will be in your materials on meeting night.

Checking Account – The checking account balanced up quite nicely.  It was sent via e-mail.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

 Haslam Septic Contract – Under state law (still) we are required to guarantee capacity for the disposal of septic tank waste.  For many years we’ve had a contract with Bob Merchant at Haslam Septic that guarantees they have contracted space.  The contract expired at the end of June – and I’m proposing that we renew for another 3-years. It’s $800/year.

 MMA Dividends – We received $835 from our insurance carrier as a dividend on both property and casualty ($610.00) and workers comp ($225.00). 

 Cyber Security Coverage – A flyer offering this insurance is in your packet.  I don’t believe this is needed here – we don’t capture personal data of this sort.

 Friends of Lamoine Letter – After several comments on the draft, a final draft will be ready to sign.  It’s in your packet.

 Resignations – Appointments – Mike Arsenault has stepped down as the ACO.  As mentioned in the e-mail notice to the Board, I am fielding any ACO calls through meeting night as an emergency interim.  My suggestion is that we appoint an interim ACO and advertise for a “permanent” part time solution.  I’ve already had one person approach me about the job.

 John Holt tells me that Alternate Planning Board member Charles Weber has not attended Planning Board meetings and has told him that he is no longer able to serve.  My suggestion is that the Selectmen write to Mr. Weber and ask him to respond by next meeting and if he either confirms a resignation or does not respond, declare the seat open and advertise for another alternate member.  There is no requirement that the Planning Board have two alternates.

We have an opening on the Conservation Commission thanks to Carol Korty’s resignation.  Linda Penkalski, a present alternate, has written to express interest in the full seat.  Larissa Thomas has written to express interest in the alternate seat.  We’ve advertised for other applicants and as of this writing have not received any interest.

Kathy DeFusco has submitted her resignation from the Budget Committee.  Connie Bender is the alternate member.  I would suggest asking Connie if she wishes to serve out Kathy’s term (through June 30, 2015) and advertise for an alternate member. 

Returnables – The grange has made a request.  Next available month is January 2015.  The last time the grange benefitted was last April.

Vacation – We plan on an extended visit to Vermont between September 18 and 22.  That would require 3-days off please.

Planning Board/Ordinances – This might take some time.

Mike Jordan has suggested an amendment to the Building and Land Use Ordinance in regard to Recreational Vehicles – a memo is in your packet.

John Holt’s request for town attorney use is clarified and in your packet.

Steve Salsbury writes to say that he’s received an apology from the Planning Board in regard to the August meeting.  He’s also requesting that the Planning Board be allowed to implement conditional changes to the water monitoring requirements.  The three pits under a consent agreement are in question – his message is in your packets.  We might want to ask Dan Pileggi.

The Planning Board is having a workshop on September 17th.  We received a message from Gordon Donaldson – I don’t believe it was an invitation for a joint meeting. 

Following your workshop meeting in early August, I’ve drafted up changes to the Gravel Ordinance for consideration.  A lengthy memo and the edited ordinance are in your packets.  The only area that was not discussed was water monitoring. Perhaps we can discuss goals in that area tonight as well as your thoughts on the edits.  It might be possible to have something for wider distribution (though these are a public record) by your September 25th meeting.

MMA convention voting delegate. – The request from MMA is in your packets.  If anyone plans to attend the convention, that would be appropriate to make them Lamoine’s delegate.  I was not planning to attend this year, much as I would like to.

Meeting Dates – Since switching to the 2nd and 4th Thursdays, the board is in line to meet on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I’m guessing that is not the desire.  Let’s discuss alternate dates.

There are no matters for executive session at this time.   I look forward to seeing you next Thursday.