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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meetings of October 20 & 23, 2014

It has been an unusual week.  I’m writing this on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 (Selectman Fowler’s birthday). I had hoped to get much done on this meeting this morning, but the fire department ended up directing traffic at the Cheese House intersection for about 2-hours after a serious accident in Trenton.   We were supposed to install the check capture machine (finally) this morning, and that was accomplished once I returned to the office. Monday was a holiday, so it feels like I’ve been a day behind already this week.

Remember, meeting times for both nights this week are at 6:30, and both meetings will start with an executive session.

ACO Interview/Selection – Monday’s special meeting will be the final interview for the Animal Control Officer applicants.  If you wish to make an appointment at this meeting, that would be fine.  For some reason, yesterday was a “heavy” day for animal control issues.   I don’t know of any other emergent matters that might come up that can’t wait until Thursday (I guess they wouldn’t be emergencies if I did know).   Should be a relatively short meeting on Monday.

Attorney Meeting – Thursday’s meeting also starts with an executive session with the town attorney.  The three current cases are up for discussion.

Minutes – The October 9th minutes are in your packet.  The October 20th minutes will be ready for the meeting (they should be brief).

Warrant 8 – I did payroll on Sunday the 12th (after giving up at golf on a cold, foggy morning), as well as a batch of bills.  The county tax bill is on here, and there will be a school payroll and AP warrant.  I will have to transfer some money into the checking account from investments to cover the costs.  I think the most depressing part, though, is that the first salt purchases for the winter are on here!

Cash & Budget Reports – These will be updated on the website periodically.  I don’t expect anything unusual.

GA Ordinance Hearing – This is required prior to the annual update in the GA numbers.  In the past there has been little (read that no) testimony. 

Budget Committee Meeting – The budget committee is ready to get going – you’ll meet jointly with the committee which will select officers and set a schedule.  Then you can jointly discuss budget goals and whatever else might be needed for discussion.

Gravel Ordinance – If all goes well, I’ll have a 3rd draft for discussion.  I will also leave that for the Planning Board which is having a workshop on Tuesday.

Heating Fuel Bid – The Town of Hancock has been approached about bidding out heating fuel for the 2015/16 season since the price has dropped dramatically.  We can discuss that idea if you wish.

That’s all I have at this point.  See you Monday & Thursday.