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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of November 13, 2014

Holy smokes has it gotten to be a busy season.  The appointed committees have kept me hopping as has day to day business in the office.  I’m grateful there was no regular meeting scheduled this week, as Election Day was a lot of preparation work, and the day of, just a lot to keep up with.

Your agenda has some pretty heady stuff on it that could keep you for quite a while next Thursday.

Don’t forget you have a budget committee meeting on Monday the 10th at 6:30 PM.  This report is in your budget notebook.

Minutes – The minutes of October 23, 2014 are in your packets.  The minutes of November 6, 2014 have not been produced yet, since I’m writing this report prior to that meeting.

Warrant 9 – I’m in hopes you will sign that this evening – the school has a couple of sizeable vouchers on here.   I’ve moved $140,000 from investments to checking to cover those checks. 

Warrant 10 – This will be posted on the town website when it is generated. 

Cash & Budget Reports – This will be updated periodically on the website.  So far expenditures look pretty good, and revenues are strong.  Excise tax continues to track well ahead of projections.

Checking Account Reconciliation – I e-mailed that on Monday. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Foreclosure Notices – There are 16 liens filed on July 12, 2013 that have not been paid in full yet.  I’ve put a list in your packets.  The 30-to-45 day notices will be going out in late November or early December. 

Dangerous Building Hearing – The building owner has received notice of the hearing.  I’ve not heard from him yet.

CEO Matters – I’ve forwarded a complaint to the Code Enforcement Officer on a couple of matters on Asa’s Lane, and Maine Municipal Association has weighed in on the question posed on the grandfathering issue. The e-mail was forwarded to you and Mike and a hard copy is in the packet. 

The Board of Appeals ruled last night (11/5) that the time span of RV occupation that requires a permit is 30-days per year, not 30-consecutive days.  There were a lot of people in attendance at the meeting, and everyone was well behaved.  This has to do with the next item on the agenda……

Building & Land Use Ordinance Amendment – There was an extensive discussion about the CEO’s proposed change to the BLUO to clarify that RV occupation would be fore 30-consecutive days before requiring a permit.  The Planning Board chair has asked for a formal vote from the Selectmen that this be placed on the town meeting warrant, even though you directed me to draft up the language change and to forward it to the Planning Board, and that has been done.  I believe you have seen the e-mail for the Planning Board chair.

Gravel Ordinance Workshop – With luck, draft 4 will be ready for your perusal on Thursday.

ACO Contract – Shannon is agreeable and has signed.  Your turn next.

Election Day Matters – The relatively new policy on petition collectors was implemented with mixed success.  We kept two petition gatherers stationed in the small offices at the building entrance/exit and instructed them that they could only approach voters after the voters had cast ballots.  At first there were some traffic jams – we had their tables moved back to be flush with the doorways, and that seemed to help a bit.  The other issue was some perceived aggressiveness by one group of petitioners.  A citizen phoned me to complain about a particular remark made to him.  I addressed it with the person gathering signatures.  The complainant also called the Secretary of State’s office, who then called to speak with me.  The caller from the Secretary of State’s office seemed satisfied that I had dealt with the issue.  I was in the clerk’s office and overheard another member of the same petitioning group make the exact same remark to another voter and I confronted her about it, explaining that it was not appropriate and that we had received a call from the Secretary of State’s office about it and such remarks would not be tolerated.  She denied making the statement, though I clearly heard it.  I was fairly firm about my message to her. 

The temporary booths we constructed for the table held up fairly well – once a booth bottom slipped off the table and created a minor stir. There were no injuries.  For the next big election, Mike and I will devise something even sturdier.

Municipal Review Committee Director – The ballot is in your packet.

That’s all for now. See you Thursday!