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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of May 22, 2014

Holy cow it has been busy here at the town office. My intent this week was to get the utility pole flags up, finish putting flags out at the cemeteries, and install the street signs that need to be replaced. I've not been able to escape from the office. I do hope to get that accomplished early next week.

With the appeals board, gravel work group, and other boards going full tilt and a lot of over the counter business, it has been extraordinarily busy. Add to that some fire calls and the repair work on the fire station.

OK, enough of a sob story. Your meeting will begin following the school budget town meeting at the school gym. The agenda is intentionally relatively short.

Minutes, May 8, 2014 – Please bring any written corrections with you.

Warrant 22 – To be honest, I've not placed anything on here yet prior to writing this report. Most of the bills that have come in have been the routine matters. There will be a tax abatement for Emera Maine – the assessors caught an incorrect charge on one of their personal property accounts. That's my next task after this – and it will be updated on line periodically.

Cash & Budget Report – We've got about a month and a half left in the fiscal year, and some things are just squeaking by. I am optimistic that we should be OK – especially on the revenue side.

Port Security Grant – This is not going to happen. The deadline is a day after your meeting, and there is no way to pull together enough information and memoranda of understanding with various agencies to make it work. The biggest hurdle, though, would be the matching funds. After paying for the fire truck, the fire department does not have enough in its account to come up with the 25% match on a $90,000 boat and motor. Presuming this will be available again in 2015, I would suggest trying then.

Public Hearing – Petitioned Question – Gary will run the hearing. There has been a fair amount of interest in this issue, especially from the folks who petitioned for the article.

FOAA Issue – Included in your packet is a memorandum from Ed Bearor regarding a Planning Board communication he feels is improper, a couple of e-mails from a Planning Board member and a memo from me regarding FOAA training.

Code Enforcement – CEO Jordan has re-issued the notices of violation to the gravel permit holders with the specification to bring the pits into compliance with the conditional permits. As of this writing, we've not heard back from the permit holders.

The CEO & I did a quick review of the proposed floodplain maps and have written to FEMA with several technical change proposals (correcting street names, water body names, and street locations). There is a meeting with FEMA on June 11, 2014. I believe a Conservation Commission member plans to attend. I can try to get there, and any member of the Board is welcome to join in.

There is a brief memo from the chair of the Planning Board suggesting the Board have some input into the job performance review of the CEO in the future.

Water Test Results – The test results from the 3 wells tested so far this spring are in your packet along with a memo to the homeowners. I'm waiting to hear when the other two will be available to test.

Traffic Light – Routes 204/3 – I sent you a copy of an e-mail that was sent to Senator Langley regarding an issue that has come up with the traffic light at the “cheese house”. A letter from the Town of Trenton to MDOT is in your packet as well. I spoke with Senator Langley by phone and may hear some more about the issue of having the municipality responsible for maintenance and electricity of the light. This might be something Lamoine and Trenton wish to partner on if needed.

MMA Legislative Policy Committee – If you or someone you know wants to sit on this committee which makes lobbying suggestions on pending legislation, let's get that name into nomination at this time.

That is the extent of the agenda. You will have 3-weeks between meetings, so expect a busy night on June 12 th .