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For Meeting of June 12, 2014

Holy cow has it been busy here at the town hall. I'm writing this on June 5, 2014, and absentee balloting has been extremely brisk for the primary/town referendum election. Today is the last day of absentee ballot requests without a special circumstance, so that should slow somewhat. In addition to the election, we sent out 125 notices to delinquent taxpayers by certified mail yesterday, which is no small task. I've also been trying to work with the school department on getting things ready to hit the ground running for July 1 st . And, the appeals board has been active and the Gravel Work Group is (hopefully) starting to wind things up. There's a lot going on in our little town!

On top of all this, we're still wrestling with the website and e-mail. Brett has once again rebuilt the web hosting software and is making the necessary arrangements with Time Warner to host our DNS (whatever that is) and e-mail accounts which should go a long way toward preventing the problems we've had. As of this writing, the website is working well, but the town domain e-mail is not.

Minutes – May 22, 2014 – The minutes are in your packets and on-line. They are extensive, and written corrections would be most welcomed.

Warrant 23 – This is a long and expensive one – the final regular payment to RSU 24 is on here which accounts for the bulk of it. There is a large expenditure for the certified mail fees for the 30-day notices. Viking Lumber and Gilman Electric are on here for fire station maintenance (more on that in a bit). The Gilman bill is significantly offset by a rebate from Efficiency Maine – the final cost for replacing all the lights at the fire house was less than $450.

Cash/Budget Report – You will see public safety is overdrawn. See item 15 for more on that. The good news is we're over budget for the entire year on excise tax, so revenues are looking good. The rest of the expenditure lines are OK for now, though Parks/Rec/Cemetery still has that outstanding bill to East Lamoine which I'll schedule to pay on the next warrant.

Checking Account Reconciliation – The reconciliation documents were sent via e-mail to you. All looked fine.

Checking Account – School Department – I need authorization to open a checking account for the school department. It's pretty much ready to go, just need the chair to sign that it's OK for me to do.

Tax ID # - School Department – The new business manager (who works for the Ellsworth School Department) is advising that we apply for a TIN for the school department for payroll and accounts payable purposes. The Department of Education says we should use the town TIN for state subsidy payments. With your approval, I will open a TIN for the School Department.

Meeting with Trenton Selectmen – As mentioned at the last meeting at the school, the Trenton Selectmen are less than thrilled about a traffic light proposal at the “Cheese House” intersection as they would be required to maintain it (insurance, electricity, repairs). They have asked to meet with Lamoine's Board on this matter. We requested the light on behalf of several citizens several years ago and a major construction project will take place in 2015 to install the lights and repair the road. While it doesn't seem right that a municipality ought to pay for lights on a state highway, that seem to be the state policy. This light would be of significant benefit to Lamoine residents who work on MDI, especially in the summer months. A couple of Selectmen from Trenton will attend our meeting to talk about it.

Election Results – Watch the town website Tuesday night for the results. Depending on what happens with the ordinance referendum, you might have to sign a revised Building and Land Use Ordinance.

Honor Grads – We have four honor graduates from Lamoine this year – all at Ellsworth High School.

Road Name Request - The road leading into the SW Boatworks shops needs to have a name as it serves more than one occupied building. Mrs. Workman has proposed “Riley's Way”. That does not conflict with any current road name.

Simon's Trail – State Grant – The grant to construct the parking lot has been approved. The Conservation Commission needs authorization from the Board of Selectmen to sign the acceptance letter. A copy of the grant approval is in your packets.

Consent Agreement – Gravel Pit Violations – The town attorney has forwarded proposed consent agreements in regard to the several notices of violation issued by the Code Enforcement Officer. He has not made any recommendation one way or another on these, but our e-mail has been down, so I'm not sure if we've received any advice.

Heating Fuel Bid – We have participated in a “group bid” in the past few years with Hancock, and last year with Sullivan. Gouldsboro would like to join in this year as well. I'm just looking for authorization to place heating fuel out to bid with other communities and will gladly coordinate that effort. The only “monkey wrench” might be if we change heating systems at the town hall.

MDI League of Towns – Years ago we signed a mutual aid agreement with the other members of the League of Towns to provide/receive municipal services in the event that our government is incapacitated by some event. The agreement has been slightly updated. A copy is in your packet, and new signatures are needed.

Carter Commission – We had discussed at a previous meeting the desire for a charter commission to explore the structure of county government. I've prepared a resolve to send to the commissioners in that regard. There is some lukewarm support among some of the commissioners.

Heating Assistance Fund – A copy of Ellsworth's fund protocols is in your packet as is an e-mail exchange with the One Hancock folks.

Contracts – If all goes well, there will be contracts to sign with the CEO, Animal Control Officer, the Town Clerk/Tax Collector and an acknowledgement of the final year of my contract and the payments due.

Special Town Meeting/ Fire Department – This is the item I referred to in the treasurer's reports. As you know there was major rot damage at the fire station which is part of the reason the budget is overdrawn. Chief Smith will be at your meeting – it's my recommendation that a special town meeting be called to appropriate enough from surplus to cover this unexpected expense.

Executive Session - This will be your opportunity to do Jennifer's job performance review. Mine will be next meeting.

ee you Thursday - stu