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Administrtive Assistant's Report

For Meeting of June 26, 2014

Sometimes it feels like we are jugglers here at the town office – so many pins to keep in the air all at once. This week has been a little bit of a reprieve and we can catch our breath. Business slowed down to a normal pace after a very hectic 3-months.

This will be your final regular meeting of the fiscal year, and it has a lot on the agenda. Remember you'll start with an executive session with Dan Pileggi at 6:30 to review the latest lawsuit(s) and a potential consent agreement in regard to the gravel permit notices of violation issued last month.

Minutes – Please look over the minutes of last meeting and submit any written corrections.

Warrant 24 – The final payroll for the year will be added on Monday the 23 rd . You'll notice that my pay is double – that's because it is broken into 27-pay periods, and there were just 26-periods this year, so the final pay is for two pay periods. I will have figured out Jennifer and Mike's final contract payments as well.

The bill from Bob Gerber will also be on this warrant (just came in prior to writing this on Thursday the 19 th ). The bill from Upbeat is for bags for the dog disposal boxes. We were out. Other than that, not a lot on here that is unusual.

Cash/Budget Reports – With the exception of the public safety budget, expenditures are where they should be. I'm waiting for the paving bill from Lane Construction which will bring that line up to a final total. On the revenue side, excise taxes are well ahead of the budget (by more than $20,000). That will help offset lower interest income and administrative fees. Code Enforcement Income is above budget too. Overall, we've had a decent budget year.

Audit Engagement Letter – Our auditors were here yesterday to start the preliminary work on the 2014 audit and left the annual letter for the Board to sign which states your understanding of what it is they will perform. It's pretty darned exciting reading.

School Department – I think we've got things in place for the business end of the school department to get off the ground. The Ellsworth School Department is the business manager so to speak. I've been dealing with Carolyn Heller there. I have established a tax ID number (using the same one that existed prior to the RSU). It only took 70-minutes on hold the other day with the IRS! A bank account has been established at the first. Carolyn has electronic viewing access so she can see what is in the account, get the bank statement when it's issued and perform the reconciliation. Our electronic access to that account is merged with the town account which will allow direct transfers without having to write checks to the school checking account.

Consent Agreements – Depending on the advice from counsel, you may have something to do on this agenda item.

Appointments – Prepare to get writer's cramp! The list of potential appointees is on the back of your agenda. We have two existing position openings – Planning Board and Parks Commission. There are two new committees to appoint and several people have volunteered to serve on both of those committees. The Comprehensive Planning Committee has a lot of interested folks and the recommendation was that it be a 7-member panel. Good luck!

ACO Contract – Mike has signed the proposed contract after a review with me. I would urge you to do the same.

Time Warner – We received a letter from Time Warner indicating they would like to renew the franchise agreement when it expires in 2017. I would recommend referring this to the newly appointed Technology Committee.

If all goes well, shortly after I get done writing this, the e-mail address domains will once again be working! Many thanks to Brett Jones in advance for making this happen. It has been extremely frustrating for folks trying to get in touch with us via e-mail (an increasingly popular option) and to have their messages get kicked back. I have purchased up to 20 e-mail addresses which will cost about $16/month. My idea is that each major board will have an address and they will come into this office and automatically be forwarded to all the members of that particular board.

Gravel Ordinance Work Group Recommendations – The work group plans to wrap up its tasks the night before your meeting. I am in hopes that a final report will be the result. I copied the Selectmen on an extremely rough draft that I created yesterday which is intended only to be a starting point. I do not expect the Selectmen to have time to digest this report for this meeting – only to receive it.

I will prepare thank-you letters to the group members. It's been a good group and they deserve a lot of credit for diving head first into a controversial issue.

Traffic Light – In your packet is a draft of a possible agreement with the Town of Trenton on sharing costs on the proposed “cheese house” light. I've e-mailed this to Trenton for their consideration as well. I also got an e-mail from Michelle Beal on what it costs to maintain and power a light for a year which I will copy for your packets.

Heating Assistance Fund Program – This has been the week to draft stuff up! There is a rough draft of a possible program to administer private donations for heating assistance. Look it over, tweak it, and perhaps we can implement it. This will involve appointing yet another committee!

Special Town Meeting Warrant – This is for the fire department budget that is overspent, mainly due to the rot problem that cropped up this spring. The meeting would start at 6:30 PM before your next Selectmen's meeting. It's my anticipation that this will be a very quick and non-controversial meeting.

Lamoine Quarterly – I've started it. I hope to have it close to finished for your meeting.

Vacation Date – I would like to take the last week in July (26-August 2) off.

July 5th? – Normally the town office would be open on July 5th as it is the 1st Saturday of the month. My suspicion is that during the holiday weekend, no one plans to do their town business. It would be my Saturday to work and my wife would like to get away for the weekend after the parade in Bar Harbor on Friday. Jennifer would already be covering both the 26 th and August 2 if vacation is approved (I have some commitments on both days).

Job Performance Review – It's time to do mine. I'll have forms in the packets.

All for now – see you Thursday.