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For Meeting of July 17, 2014

Let's see. We've formed a new school department that is just getting off the ground, endured a tropical storm that left the town relatively unscathed for the most part. The fiscal year has changed. It's tax lien filing time, and tax commitment time. Nothing much going on! (Tongue firmly implanted in cheek).

Needless to say, we have been right out straight in the town office with “behind the scenes” matters. I hope you've had a chance to enjoy the pleasant weather.

Your meeting will start at 6:30 with the special town meeting to cover the Fire Department cost overrun. The public safety budget is over expended by a total of $5,602.41 (see spreadsheet below). Of that, the fire department is over by $4,983.53, but a few bills are expected to straggle in. The station maintenance budget was over by $5,102.77. The other component of the public safety budget that was over was animal control. While expenses were $802.58 greater than budgeted (Mike put in quite a few hours this past year), revenues were $577.00 higher than budgeted. The Animal Control Fund ($5,347 before fund closing) has enough of a fund balance to cover the $225.58 hit. Therefore, the up to $5,500 for the fire department will be adequate.





Total Fire












Animal Control








Minutes of June 26 2014 – I always appreciate you submitting corrections if possible. This past meeting was a long one, so look them over please.

Warrant 1 – There are a lot of bills on here – the bulk of them are accounts payable from FY 2014 which ended June 30 th . Included is the fire truck payment (I will mail a check on July 14 th because the payment is due the 15 th and we don't need a late payment penalty). The school department will also be generating a payroll and accounts payable warrant to be included. We will have to move money from investments to cover the checks. Traditionally, those one time payments that are due for the fiscal year to cover social service agencies, and other contracted services are included on the first warrant of the year, and that makes up the bulk of the current fiscal year payments.

Cash & Budget Reports – Reports for both fiscal years are ready (the new year required a lot of prep time as usual). I'll print copies for the packet, but they will be updated on the website periodically.

(FY 2014 Report)  (FY 2015 Report)

Quarterly Excise Tax Report – It was the best year ever for excise tax collections – that would seem to be good economic news.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This was e-mailed to you on July 2 nd . A hard copy will be available at the meeting if you wish to have further review.

Encumbrance Order – There are some road projects that have not begun but were approved during FY 2014. The Anderson Garage Roof has not yet been replaced, but was approved during FY 14. The painting on the front door at the town hall has not been done yet, and will need to be re-encumbered for FY 15. I've not completed the encumbrance order yet, but will have one ready for the meeting.

Tax Liens – We filed 64-tax liens on July 9, 2014. To file, we needed to cut a check, and the deadline to file was July 13, which was prior to the meeting. The number of liens was down by two from the previous year. The dollar amount was also down by about $2,000.

Summer Teacher Pay – As e-mailed yesterday (I'm writing this Thursday the 10 th ) there is an issue concerning payroll and teachers and the expected accrued payroll on June 30, 2015. As e-mailed today, the issue is under control at the moment. Superintendent Kane has offered to meet with you if desired to go over what the issue is and what will have to happen at some point in the coming months.

Local Road Assistance – Annually we sign a form accepting the funds from MDOT. Looks like we'll be getting $1,508 less than we had budgeted – I had based the amount on what was received last fiscal year ($24,524), and this will be $2,032 less than FY 2014. I suggest we accept the money.

Heating Fuel Bids – The bids are due on the day of the meeting. Sullivan and Hancock are in on the bid with us. I would recommend that the bids be opened and awarded that evening, and that you authorize the treasurer to prepay for fuel.

Heating System – So far two bids have come in. One other company has looked over the building and I expect a bid from them as well. I look forward to seeing the estimates.

Traffic Light Agreement – I've spoken with MDOT and Maine Municipal Association. MDOT will be sending along a contract for you to peruse next week. MMA wants to see what our obligation will be, so when I get the contract, I will shoot it off to them and with any luck have an answer by meeting night.

Conservation Commission/Simon's Trail – I met with Larry Libby on this project for which there is a state grant to build a parking lot and other improvements. The estimate was for less than $5,000 which does not trigger a competitive bidding process for either the State of Maine or the town. They will be moving forward on it and Larry will be the “clerk of the works” so to speak.

Comprehensive Planning – After the appointments last meeting, Mike Jordan asked to be “un-appointed” so to speak and would rather act in a staff advisory / liaison role with the committee. Where Andrea Ames was appointed an alternate member, I would recommend that she be appointed as the full member. If an alternate member is desired, you may wish to look over the list of those that offered but were not appointed, or to advertise.

Heating Assistance Program – I've sent out an e-mail asking for volunteers to serve on the committee. This might be one where if you know of someone who might be willing you could also ask and suggest they submit their name.

Gravel Ordinance Work Group Report – You have a number of options that the work group identified. The question is: what direction does the Board of Selectmen take in regard to the gravel ordinance. I understand that Gordon Donaldson will compose a letter offering input from the Planning Board on the present gravel ordinance. I suspect the Selectmen do not want to dawdle on this issue, and there is a huge amount of public interest in just what the Board has in mind for a process and how a finished product to offer to the voters will be derived.

It's my opinion that a good place to start might be to state some goals that the Selectboard would like to see in an ordinance revision. The working group identified four areas (Setbacks, Reclamation/Restoration, the process and renewals, and water monitoring). I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth, but the goal could be something to the effect of – “we should offer a change in the setbacks and require a 500-foot setback from property lines” (this is obviously hypothetical). If the board can agree on some of the big goals, this will provide a starting point for a possible ordinance revision/amendment and one could move forward.

The other possibility is to schedule a workshop meeting on this issue where this is the ONLY issue and go from there.

Good luck!

Thank you's – I will have letters to send to the two appointees who've retired from their service for you to send.

That's all I have for now. We will see you on Thursday at 6:30 PM!