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For Meeting of September 25, 2014

Greetings – by the time we meet, summer will have officially ended, though the temperature this week has already forecast the season.  The new furnace at the town hall is working nicely (though it’s a little louder than the other one). 

I’m writing this on Tuesday the 16th – remember I will be out of the office from September 18th to the 22nd.  On the 23rd I will also be out of the office part of the day at the MDI League of Towns meeting on Swan’s Island.  The 24th I will be attending a mandatory elections conference and Jennifer will attend the next day of that.  Nancy Jones will be filling in on the 25th.  I will be attending a wedding rehearsal prior to the meeting on the 25th.

This morning, I acted as Animal Control Officer and took a young female dog to the Small Animal Clinic.  The people who found her on Partridge Cove Road dropped her off at the town office.  I took her picture and posted it on the town’s Facebook page.

I’ve been a little harsh on computers today – the radio station computer crashed this morning while working there, and now the town’s web server has died – so there is no website until Brett can work his magic on the new server.

We’ll have to get by with paper for now.


The agenda is relatively short – I’ve just got a lot of work to do within the agenda items.

MinutesThey’re fairly long, though I did not get into much detail on some things.  Please look them over and do your usual masterful editing job.

Warrant 6 – Since we don’t have the website, I’ve printed the warrant as of Tuesday morning.  It’s pretty small at the moment.  We’ll have a school payroll on it, I’m sure.

Cash & Budget Report – I’ve also printed the reports as of this morning. 

Appointments – Connie Bender indeed would like to fill the full Budget Committee slot.  That would create an alternate vacancy if you choose to continue with an alternate member.

The letter to the current Planning Board alternate was sent.  If he shows up, you can discuss continued service – if not, the vacancy would be declared.  We would advertise for an alternate (someone has already expressed interest), and you might be able to appoint one at the first meeting in October.

Finally, assuming we get applicants for the ACO post, you should set a date for interviews with the Board of Selectmen – preferably not a regular meeting night.

Gravel Ordinance – The Planning Board workshop on this is tomorrow (9/17) at 6:30 PM.  If you could attend, that would be helpful.

After getting your packet together, my next task is to update the first draft of the ordinance revisions to a second draft with the water monitoring goals reflected.  I hope to have that ready for your packet.

Are we likely to have something ready to vote on for November 4th?   Doubtful.  We’ll have to have a ballot ready by October 4th to do so, and public hearings will have to be held.  We can do it if you want to have some special meetings, but I’m not optimistic.

Veterans’ Graves Care – We have a bill from Forest Hill Cemetery (not yet on the warrant) for $40/grave.  We have yet to enter any agreement with that corporation or the East Lamoine Cemetery Association for care of veterans’ graves.  I had drafted one (in your packet), and we should start discussions with both corporations ASAP to get this clarified so they can get paid and we have some idea of what it will cost.

Lamoine Quarterly – To be honest, I haven’t even started work on the October 2014 edition.  I hope to do a little tomorrow, but the final product won’t be anywhere near ready for your meeting, and likely not until after October 1st. 

That’s all that I have for the agenda as of now.  There will likely be an addendum come next week.