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Administrative Assistant's Report for October 9, 2014 Meeting

Happy October!  You’ve got a very busy meeting agenda for your next meeting.  Don’t forget, it starts at 6:30 PM in executive session.

Animal Control Officer Applications – So far, just the two applicants, and one of them will be out of town on the 9th.  I suggest we schedule a special meeting with her.  The other applicant I scheduled to be here at 6:40 PM and she confirmed she can make it.  The ad is back in today’s (10/2/14) Ellsworth American, and that may generate more applicants.  If we get any, I will schedule them accordingly.

Minutes of September 25, 2014 Please submit any corrections.

Warrant 7 – So far nothing terribly exciting (payroll, month end state reports).  There will be a couple of school warrants when I get them in.  You will see three vouchers for – I forgot to book the September 1st fee (caught it while reconciling the checking account).  The warrant will be updated periodically on line and printed on meeting night.

Cash & Budget Reports – This will also be updated on line.  While the audited figures are not in, they are closed, so the 4th page is included in the report which shows the current impact on fund balances.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This was e-mailed to you.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Quarterly Excise Tax Review – The 3rd quarter of 2014 is in the books and on the report.  It was a good quarter!

Audit Status – The auditors were here on Monday to do their field work, and will likely wrap things up tomorrow (10/3).  A report will be forthcoming.

Cemetery Corporations – I have written to both Forest Hill and East Lamoine Cemetery with draft contracts and a request to meet.  A new copy of the draft contract and the letter are in the packet.

Appointments – Though Animal Control Officer is on the agenda, because you are not able to interview all the candidates, I will recommend that you postpone for one more meeting.  We’ve had one person express interest in the Planning Board position, and no takers yet on Budget Committee Alternate.

Legal Matters – The Ames v. Lamoine case is headed to mediation on November 10, 2014.  The town attorney has requested my presence in Bangor for that session.  I’ve asked if I need some authorization from the Board and await instruction from the attorney.

The MacQuinn et al case remains on hold.  The MacQuinn v. Planning Board case has entered the discovery portion and I await instruction from the town attorney on this matter.  He’s filed a motion asking for clarification of whether it’s a 6-month or 9-month window.

Returnables – The Girl Scouts have submitted the next application – they benefitted in August and the next available date is February 2015.

Annual Town Meeting Date – Why now?  So we will know when to make nomination papers available.  Last spring we scheduled the meeting for elections in March and the open meeting the day after, and postponed the meeting because of an expected ice storm.  The attendance at the April town meeting was pretty good.  My question is, do you want to try for April again?  This would give the Budget and School Committees more time to formulate things.

If the meeting were to be in March, the Tuesdays are the 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st.   Tuesdays in April are 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th.  None of those Tuesdays or following Wednesdays are religious holidays that I am aware of. (Remind me to distribute your 2015 planners!)

Automobile Graveyards – I have written to Pro Auto and sent a message via Facebook to Chris Norris.  He said the Jeep in question last meeting would be secured.  He also advised that they have ceased operation, so they would not likely be renewing the automobile graveyard license.  I would like to have the Code Enforcement Officer inspect both licensed yards to make sure that the vehicles have been removed.   If, for some reason we do get the applications, I would suggest a hearing on October 25, 2014.

General Assistance Ordinance Hearing – Annually we have to update the figures in the GA Ordinance and a hearing is required. I just got the figures in earlier today (10/2) and would suggest October 25, 2014 for the hearing.

Lamoine Quarterly – It will be ready for your meeting. (I hope).  That’s my next project.

Ongoing – The 2nd draft of the gravel ordinance awaits your review.   I sent you a copy of an e-mail to Parks, School, and Tech committees regarding Recreation as discussed last meeting.  I’ve had limited response to that.   I have printed off the Parks Commission ordinance.  There is no mention of recreational programs in their scope of operations. The Technology Committee has recommended buying a backup server in case the “new” server should go down.  Their minutes are in your packet.

That is all I have for now.  See you Thursday - 6:30!