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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of December 11, 2014

Wow, it seems like a long time since the board has sat down together to meet.  It has been fairly busy with a variety of things in the office, and you’ve got an aggressive agenda for this meeting.  My basketball officiating season has started (though the game today was snowed out in Hampden).  That keeps me quite busy some days, but usually out of trouble!  Congrats to Selectman Mason who is also busy with basketball as the coach of the Lamoine boy’s team!

Minutes – Please review the minutes of November 13 and make any written changes if possible/needed. 

Expenditure Warrant 11 – Thank you to those who were able to wander in to sign the warrant.  I know the school department appreciates it. I’ve put a copy in the packet in case you have any questions.

Expenditure Warrant 12 – This is a long one and an expensive one.  The MDI High tuition payment is on the school AP warrant which.  There will be two payrolls, and the firefighter expense reimbursements for 2014 are on here.  There is a new printer on here for the clerk’s office.  I’ve redesigned the database program for auto registrations, and we should be able to print them on the new printer instead of using a typewriter which will increase accuracy and should speed up the process.  The trick is to get the printer to use the state paper. The warrant is posted on the website and I’ve run a copy for the packet, but it will be updated on the website periodically.

Budget Report – This report is also in your packet, a new one will be on the table meeting night, and it will be updated periodically on the website. 

Checking Account Reconciliation – The various documents were sent via e-mail on 12/2/14.  The account balanced up nicely.  Please ask any questions you might have.

Foreclosure Notice Status – Notices were sent via certified mail on 12/1/14.  I’ve enclosed the list in your packets again.  Automatic foreclosure date is 1/12/15.

Hodgkins Trust Fund – There is a letter that Bar Harbor Trust Services sends annually on this fund.  To keep the status quo, we don’t have to do anything.  I would recommend that.

Dangerous Building Hearing – You tabled this at your last meeting.  There is a communication in regard to this from Tony. 

Recreation Committee – The formation document I concocted for last meeting in in your packet again.  I don’t know whether you wish to form the committee via the policy route or if you wish to do up an ordinance to form one permanently.   The policy document is a first draft as well.  I hope you’ve had a chance to look it over.  Should you choose to go the policy route (the budget committee is a policy formed committee), you will need to appoint a committee.

Appointments – The registrar of voters appointment runs 2-years, expiring in the December following a Gubernatorial or Presidential election.  Jennifer is the registrar, I am the deputy.  She and I are quite willing to continue in those roles.

Heating Assistance Committee – For some reason, we can only find the appointment for Walter Grenier.  If you could sign (again) the appointments for Jane Fowler and Kathie Gaianguest, we will file them appropriately.

Recreation Committee – As of this writing the following people have offered their names:

Though there was a lot of buzz about this when we first publicized the program, only these three expressed interest.  The recommendation in my draft policy was for a 5-member committee.

Ordinances – I’m not sure where things stand in regard to addressing RV’s in the Building and Land Use Ordinance.  You’ve received one suggestion from a citizen between meetings which is in your packet.

I’ve placed draft #4 of the Gravel Ordinance in your packets.  The Planning Board has also been working on its own revisions.  I might suggest that it’s time for the Selectmen and Planning Board to pick a delegate or two each and sit down and come up with a final draft to each board and hammer out something for town meeting to consider.

The Board of Appeals is beginning work on an ordinance that would stand alone as its own document and have the rest of the ordinances coordinated so that the same process is followed for each of the town’s ordinances.  I’ve not seen a draft yet.  They meet on Tuesday, 12/9/14 and this is on the agenda.

Cemetery Association Contracts – East Lamoine Cemetery has agreed to the contract language in the final draft.  It is in your packet and will be ready for signature.  Forest Hill Cemetery Association has said it cannot accept the contract – their communication is also in your packet.  They’ve offered an alternative contract that I would not recommend because it contains several errors, among other things.

Pole Permit – Emera is requesting to place a pole on Walker Road to serve a residence currently under construction by Cameron Crawford. 

Stray Animal Contract – The annual contract with the Small Animal Clinic is in your packet.  I have contacted the SPCA to see if they might be interested in a similar contract and await an answer.

Ames v. Town – There is a message from the town attorney.  I do not anticipate he will need to attend for you to make a decision in this matter.

Surplus Property Authorization – Our participation in the state surplus property access has expired and needs approval to renew.  We don’t buy that much surplus. This will authorize the fire chief and me to take advantage of the program should something come up that is too good to pass up.

Holiday Hours – Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on Thursday this time around.  Normally we have closed at Noon on Christmas Eve and 2PM on New Year’s Eve.  The Transfer Station would be open as normal on the Friday following the holidays.  I don’t think we’ll need extra pickups but I will consult with Chris on that.   A lot of towns plan to be closed on December 26.  We would normally be open both that Friday and Saturday as it is the last Saturday of the month.  Your thoughts?

Land Purchase Possibility – There has been very informal discussion about the land across the street from the town hall being for sale and that it might be a good piece for the municipality to own.  I’m not sure if the board wishes to discuss that at this point, but the availability is there.  I’ll try to put the on-line listing in your packets.

Budget – The Budget Committee meets on December 8th, and this should wrap up the municipal budget review.  You’ve not had any budget workshops – and I’m a little uncomfortable with that as the Selectmen seem to have been bypassed in the process, mostly due to other pressing matters.  The budgets that have gone before the committee have been generated by your department heads (mostly me).  As long as the board is comfortable with that and with the recommendations from the Budget Committee, that’s fine.  Let’s discuss it, and the highlights of the 2015/16 budget proposals.

Next Meetings – A week from this meeting we will most likely need another warrant signed.  The school department’s warrant schedule has changed the relative frequency of the warrant signature process and needs.  Your next regular meeting comes a week after the New Year holiday.

Executive Session – I have a matter to talk over with the board in executive session of a personal nature.  

Wow – this is a long report.  See you on Thursday the 11th (or maybe sooner if you can make the Budget Committee meeting).