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Administrative Assistant's Bi-Weekly Report

Meeting of April 9, 2015

I’m writing this on April 1st (I promise, no April Fool tricks!).  It’s a balmy 31-degrees outside, and the wind chill is much lower I suspect. 

We are catching up on a lot of matters here at the town office now that town meeting is past, the 2nd half due date on taxes has come and gone, and the Lamoine Quarterly is written and being printed as I type.

You’re going to have a pretty busy meeting – lots of folks coming in to see you.

Minutes, March 26, 2015Please look them over and bring written corrections with you.

Warrant 20 – So far the warrant is fairly small – even the school operations warrant which is under $3,000.  Our cash flow since February has been very good.  The item for the state firefighters federation corrects an error on the last warrant – we underpaid the dues for the firefighters by $300.  The warrant will be periodically updated on the website.

Cash & Budget Reports As mentioned above, cash flow is very good.  I suspect that in the coming weeks we’ll get some whopping school bills for tuition.

Checking Account Reconciliation – When that is available from the bank, I will e-mail you the various reconciliation documents prior to the meeting.

Excise Tax Collections Report – The printed report is in your packets.  The 2014 calendar year was the biggest year for excise collections in town history.  Interestingly, 2015 is trending lower than 2013 for the first quarter, but we’ve done fewer vehicle transactions.

Meet with Fire Chief re: Rescue Boat – Chief Smith will be in to talk about the process and specs for putting the town meeting approved rescue boat out to bid.  He, Mike Jordan, Brett Jones and I developed a generic set of specifications earlier this week, and that draft is in your packet.  The fire department worked on it some more Wednesday night, and the updated draft will be on the table for Thursday.  I know he would like to hit the ground running on July 1st when the money is able to be accessed.  We also have to arrange for the loan.

Building and Land Use Amendment Proposal – This is what came in last minute at the last meeting.  Mr. Bearor will probably send Eric Stumpfel to the meeting on his behalf.  The Selectmen will need to decide if they wish to place this question before a town meeting, if so, when and how.  Any change to the Building and Land Use Ordinance will also require the Planning Board to hold a public hearing.  I have sent them the e-mail on this matter.  I suspect Mr. Stumpfel will explain what they wish to accomplish with the proposed amendment. 

Photocopier – The proposals are due the day of the meeting.  My plan is to have you open them, we’ll look them over, and decide on two or three machines to try out, and make a recommendation to you by April 30th.

Returnables – The Brownie trooper has applied for the next available month.  They benefitted in February – the next available month is December 2015.

Land Purchase – I have spoken with Gail Caruso and we have permission to do a soils test on the property.  I guess the next step would be to go ahead and get that done – and to figure out where this should come from.  We do have a land conservation fund, and there are no particular guidelines on what the money could be used for other than possible future land purchases.  Perhaps this is something to run by the Conservation Commission?

Commercial Fishing Pier Proposal – This is on here as a place holder.  I wonder if the Board ought to compose a letter to send to the Bureau of Parks and Lands to give them a heads up about this proposal and copy our legislative delegation.  State Representative Hubbell was copied on Mr. Newall’s follow up e-mail that came after he met with the Board last meeting.

Employee Evaluations – The fiscal year is swiftly waning.  You have generally done an evaluation on me, the town clerk, the code enforcement officer, and the transfer station manager.   With five meetings left prior to contract expiration time, probably it’s time to think about scheduling these.

Executive Session – This would be in regard to a situation I informed you about a couple of meetings ago, and whether there is any update.

We will see you Thursday – may the weather warm up and stay sunny!