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Administrative Assistant's Report

For Meeting of May 14, 2015

What a difference a week makes.   Hope everyone has enjoyed the warm spring conditions finally – we’ve earned it!   The town office stopped issuing burn permits on Monday May 4th until further notice until the fire danger subsides.   So far no issues with wildfires in town, and the goal is to keep it that way.

I am writing this on May 6, 2015.  We’ll be out of town until May 12th to attend our daughter’s graduation in Vermont – (we do have a cat/house sitter).  Seems like it was just yesterday when she was a newborn attending my very first Selectmen’s meeting as the administrative assistant!

You have a fairly aggressive agenda, and anything that comes in after today will be placed on an addendum next week.

Minutes Please submit any written corrections that are needed.

Warrant 23 – This is posted on the website and will be updated accordingly when I get back. There will be a payroll along with a pair of school warrants.  There is a large order from World of Flags on here for utility pole flags and poles, along with flags for the Veterans Memorial and the south side of the town hall.  I am expecting a check from the church at some point in the near future to help pay for the utility pole flags.

Cash / Budget Reports This is also posted on the town’s website and will be updated periodically with a hard copy at your meeting.  We look to be in very good shape as we near year’s end.

Checking Account Reconciliation – This was sent via e-mail on May 4th – everything appears to be in order

IT Insurance Endorsement – Maine Municipal has denied a computer data endorsement (which is something new) pending adoption of a town policy.  I’ve included a sample policy in your packet.  This should be pretty easy to adopt.

Lamoine Beach Pollution Closure – A draft letter to go to those property owners on Map 14 is included in your packet.   Please feel free to offer edits, and we’ll send those out following the meeting.

Rescue Boat Bid – Skip is meeting with the rest of the fire department tonight to go over the two bids and come up with a recommendation.  I’m writing this before the meeting, so I don’t know which boat they will recommend.

I’ve spoken with Duane Crawford at the bank and the process for obtaining the $75,000 loan is under way. 

Heating Fuel Bids – These are due meeting day, and we’ll open them up at Lamoine that evening.  I doubt that the other two towns will attend, but they are most welcome to do so.

Returnables – As of this writing there is one request from the new Girl Scout troop.  Next available month is January 2016.

Possible Workshop - The Planning Board has discussed the latest draft of the gravel ordinance, and Gordon Donaldson has requested this be on the agenda for this meeting.  As mentioned earlier, we’ve narrowed down the areas that need discussion to about 13-items.  A new draft will be in your packets.

Data Request – InforME – There is a copy of an e-mail request from the state’s technology provider property information.  This is a voluntary submission on our part and easily accomplished.  It’s up to the Selectmen whether they wish to do it. 

Land Purchase – There is an e-mail from the realtor in your packet suggesting a course of action on this matter.

Paving Bids – These were opened as I was writing this report, and the winning bid appears to be from Wellman Paving.  Including the school and basketball court, the bid was $214,589.  Including our consultant’s fee, we’re under budget for both roads and the school by $50,000. 

State Park Boat Ramp Project – A notification from the State Park folks is in your packet.  They have submitted plans for the ramp and the Planning Board will discuss it in June.

Possible Contract – Forest Hill Cemetery Veterans Graves – I have spoken with the attorney who has drawn up the contract for the cemetery association, and we’ve come to some agreements, and I expect there might be a contract offer from them in time for the meeting.  He was very pleasant to deal with and understands the town’s issues.  I understand his issues and can live with what he tells me.  I look forward to seeing a contract when I return.

Meeting Dates – If we could set the July and August dates that would be fabulous.  Might I suggest July 16 (though that’s the 3rd Thursday and possibly conflicts with Jo’s schedule), and August 13th?

Executive Session – It’s time for the transfer station manager’s performance review.  The sheets for that are in your packet.

That’s it for now – see you on Thursday the 14th.