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Administrative Assistant's Report

Meeting of August 13, 2015

My goodness it has been busy here at the town office.  Summer usually is a slower time, but not this time.  Jennifer has taken a few days off to move (just down the road from her current home).  I’m hoping to take a day and a half tomorrow (Thursday, August 6 and Friday August 7) to whittle down the accumulated vacation time.  So far, that hasn’t worked very well.

You meet at the usual time on the 13th – 7PM.  The agenda isn’t too bad, but you have some important decisions to make.

Minutes- The July 30th minutes are pretty short – look them over for accuracy please.

Warrant 4 – So far it’s not that large.  There will be a school payroll on here and a few smaller things that we’ve purchased plus month end reports and a town payroll.  This will be updated periodically on the town’s website.

Budget Reports – FY 2015  FY 2016 – These will also be posted and updated on the website and a hard copy the night of the meeting.  We’re looking very good!

Checking Account Reconciliation – The documents were e-mailed to you this week.  Nothing unusual to report.

Cash Flow Projection – I’ve prepared a report for you and our investment management company based on actual figures from the past year.  It’s in your packet.

Appointments – The following positions are listed with folks who’ve expressed interest:


Planning Board Alternate

Michael Jordan

Steve Gabel-Richards

Catherine deTuede

Appeals Board Alternate

Michael Jordan

Catherine deTuede

Kathleen Rybarz

Recreation Committee Alternate

Sharon Smythe

Patricia Haslam

Parks Commission

Alida Liberty

Conservation Commission Alt


Budget Committee Alt


 I have printed off the appointment policy which may assist you.  I’ve also placed additional material from some of the appointees who have sent materials in prior to the meeting.

Proposed Assistant CEO/LPI/Facilities Maintenance – A separate memo is included in your packet on the proposal.

Roads – There is a memo in regard to a shoulder breach on MacQuinn Road.  Some shoulder work may be needed on Clamshell Alley – I would like to ask Richard McMullen to take a look at that.   We have a beaver issue on Needles Eye Road.  I’ve e-mailed Shannon Byers to see how we go about relocating them (she has recently received her trapper’s license).

Richard McMullen said he would like to talk about the possible switch to a salt priority program at this meeting.  I’ve not received anything further from him at this point.

Cell Tower Purchase- A separate memo is in your packet analyzing the future revenue vs. proposed purchase price.  It’ll be up to the board to decide whether to place this before the voters.

Shellfishing/Lamoine Beach – A report from the shellfishing consultant is in your packet.  I note that the suggestion is that the dog waste bags be installed.  I didn’t realize that they were not, but I visited yesterday and discovered the dispenser is missing.  I have ordered a new one and will install it when it comes in.  We have plenty of bags.

Gravel Ordinance – The Planning Board discussed both Draft 9 and the setback amendment.  An e-mail from John Holt is in your packet.  John met with me today and said there is also an issue about applicability that generated a fair amount of discussion last night, and that is what triggers the ordinance – 500-yards (1,000 in the proposed) cumulative removal or 500-yards per year.  He said that should be clarified in the ordinance – it currently is not.   Let’s discuss that.

I’ve also prepared a time line for things to happen if this is to go to vote in November.  There is a decision to make at this meeting – a request of the Planning Board to hold a hearing on the proposed ordinance/amendment. 

Vacation – As mentioned earlier in the summer, I will be taking the week of August 17th off.   I’m trying to use up vacation time by working 4-day weeks, but that has been very sporadic.

That’s the meeting thus far.  Anything new will be on an addendum.  Please note that a warrant signing will be needed the week of August 24th, but there is no meeting scheduled for that week.