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For Meeting of October 8, 2015

I am writing on October 1st, the day after the big rain and wind storm.  Our town fared very well during the storm. We’ve had no reports of flooding or road washouts.  There were a few trees that came down on September 30th.  Richard McMullen cleaned them up at my request (I helped on a couple).  We did have a little leaking issue at the town hall – looks like the wind blew the water into the cupola which has no moisture barrier into the attic. Mike Jordan is looking into that. 

While the meeting agenda seems short, this could be a lengthy meeting. 

Minutes – September 24, 2015 – Please look them over for errors and make written corrections if possible.

Warrant 8 – This will be periodically updated on the website.  Most of the currently scheduled $92,000 in costs are payroll and school expenses.  I will likely have to move some money from investments to cover the costs.

Cash & Budget Reports – Again, this will be updated on the website, and a printed version set out on meeting night. 

Checking Account Reconciliation Review – I actually have this done prior to the bank statement being available.  Once that is available, you will receive the various documents via e-mail and the reconciliation is posted on line as well.  No problems balancing this month (as usual).

Quarterly Excise Tax Report – Starting to see a bit of a down tick in excise tax collections for the first quarter.  The report is in your packet and posted on line.

Personal Property – There is a memorandum from Jennifer in your packet regarding a company that is no longer in business. We’re not able to collect on those taxes, and it is my suggestion that they be written off pursuant to your authority in state law. 

I’ve also printed the list of all past-due personal property taxes.  Jennifer has written to the taxpayer requesting payment.  She had some success, these are accounts that have not responded.  Let’s discuss this a bit, as she’s not able to do her tax settlement until there is some satisfaction of the collection or it is abated.

Property Purchase – Katrina Kane will be in to meet with you about the request for more information on the school department’s desire for the lot next door. I spoke with the property owner last weekend and he’s willing to entertain an offer.

Gravel Ordinance – You asked to review the draft summary document at the last meeting before approving it for distribution.  Absentee ballots become available tomorrow. I’ve put more hard copies of the summary document in your packet.  Gordon Donaldson also produced a highlighted version of the ordinance attempting to show the areas that have changed.  I’ve printed that off for you.  While I appreciate his efforts, I fear that having the actual document, a highlighted document, and the summary will create quite a bit of confusion amongst the voters.  You can discuss it.

Comprehensive Planning Committee – As requested at the previous meeting, an ad for a 2nd alternate was posted both on the town’s webpage, on the bulletin boards, and on the town’s Facebook Page.  As of this writing, the only applicant is Mike Jordan.

This meeting will be your chance to meet with the Comp Plan Committee and give your input into their planning efforts. 

Holiday Hours – Transfer Station – As I was writing the calendars for the Lamoine Quarterly, I see that Christmas falls on a Friday, as does New Year’s Day.  Normally the Transfer Station would be open Noon to 5pm on those days.  Let’s discuss the schedule. 

Tree Trimming – I hope to have a set of specs drawn up for our tree companies to submit estimates from.  I want to run that by the board.  This will be for Shore and Mill Roads.

Budget Workshop – I’ve plugged in numbers for the administration budget and will work next week on the explanations.  If that gets done, I will tackle solid waste next.  Let’s look over the administration budget closely.

Next Meetings – Remember, October 22nd will be at the School and your meeting starts at 6:30 PM with the Gravel Ordinance Public Hearing at 7PM. 

That’s all I’m seeing for the agenda at this point.  Please let me know if anything else comes up that requires action.

Stu Marckoon